4 Lessons to Learn from Jeremiah Cobb’s Net Worth Growth

4 Lessons to Learn from Jeremiah Cobb’s Net Worth Growth

Jeremiah Cobb, a 2023 college recruit, had a successful high school career. Image Source: Social Media.

Hard work and never give up attitude are one of the factors behind anyone’s success. For the college football player Jeremiah Cobb, the journey was not easy to be where he is now, but he never gave up. And now, as he is all set to perform his best, fans have shown their love and support for him.

Furthermore, Jeremiah Cobb’s net worth is often asked about ever since he started his collegiate journey. With his hard work and dedication, the day is not far when he will succeed significantly in his football career. At the same time, his earnings might also increase. But, for now, let’s dive into Jeremiah’s earnings and the lessons we can learn from his fortune.

4. Jeremiah Cobb’s Net Worth

Jeremiah is set to show his skills in his collegiate career. As a high school athlete, he could not benefit from his football career, but now in college, he can earn some. It has been reported that NCAA football players can earn between $13,000 to $68,000 in annual salaries.

Jeremiah Cobb's net worth
Jeremiah Cobb is set to showcase his skills in his college career. Image Source: Jeremiah Cobb Instagram.

So, Jeremiah, one of the top high school players, might continue his journey of being the best player and earn significantly. Thus, Jeremiah Cobb’s earnings from college soccer might be a substantial sum.

Furthermore, athletes can now make money through various NIL activities and public appearances. The amount might reach up to $8 million. Also, from NIL agreements, an athlete can earn between $1,000 to $10,000. So, Jeremiah Cobb’s net worth might soar up in his college days.

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3. Hard Work Resulted in Multiple Ranks in High School

Jeremiah went to Montgomery Catholic School, where he played football. He is the latest member of his family to attend this school, and the history dates back to at least the 1970s. Jeremiah Cobb’s great-uncle, Joe Fields, set the rushing record of the school, and the Knights’ current leadership award is named after him.

Likewise, Jeremiah Cobb’s other great-uncle, Billy Fields, was an effort-first center who weighed 140 pounds. And now, Jeremiah has proved to be an extension of the family legacy. Furthermore, he even broke Joe Fields’ career high in three seasons with 4,551 rushing yards.

As there’s a saying, action speaks louder than a word, so Jeremiah Cobb’s high school record is proof of how great of a player he is. Thus, let’s take a look at his stats.

Year Games Played Passing Yards Passing Yards Per Game
2022-2023 13 2016 155.1
2021-2022 14 2163 154.5
2020-2021 15 2013 134.2
2019-2020 8 375 131.3

Table Source: MaxPreps

Playing under the coach Kirk Johnson, Cobb was named the 2022 Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game and ASAW first-team all-state. On3, ESPN, Rivals, and 24/7 named him the consensus four-star recruit. Furthermore, he was rated the No.63 player and No.2 all-purpose back in the nation. By all rankings, he became one of the top 20 players in Alabama, and On3 and 24/7 rated him a top 10 running back.

2. Being an Obedient Son Helped Him Reach Where He is Now

It is unknown when Jeremiah was born, but a single mother raised him. He grew up with a sister, Ann Marie Cobb, who is in the class of 2024 at his alma mater. She is a track and field athlete. Jeremiah always thought he could help his mom through football. He might be assisting his mama financially sooner or later.


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Jeremiah Cobb’s mom, Rachel Cobb, instilled a work ethic in him that helped him go from an undersized back to the No.3 player in Fab Five of the Montgomery Advertiser. It is a ranking of the top senior college prospects as rated by the newspaper.

The work ethic we talked about earlier was developed through lessons Rachel taught Jeremiah when he was younger. When the footballer was 8, Jeremiah Young’s mom completed her accounting degree while working full-time. This left a lasting impression on him and even helped him add 40 pounds of muscle since starting high school.

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1. Prospects of Different Colleges Due to His Excellent Performance

Since Jeremiah showed exemplary performance in high school, he became a top prospect for many colleges. As a result, the athlete, who played as a running back, earned the WSFA 12 Fever Star Athlete of the Year Award in April 2022. This was the first time since 2014 a running back had earned the award.

So, it is no surprising fact that Cobb got several offers from different universities like Duke, Nebraska, North Carolina, Utah, Auburn, Arkansas, and others. In May 2022, he got a step closer to a verbal commitment when he dropped a Southeastern Conference-heavy top six. He revealed via his Twitter that Georgia, LSU, Texas, Tennessee, Auburn, and Clemson were his finalists.

In July 2022, Jeremiah committed to Auburn Tigers but did not sign during the early signing period in December 2021 because he wanted to sign alongside his teammates. In February 2022, he officially signed with Auburn. We look forward to seeing him perform well, just like in high school. Also, hopefully, Cobb’s earnings will increase significantly.

Also, if Cobb continues playing exemplarily, he might be drafted by top professional teams. This might also be a boon to Jeremiah Cobb’s fortune. Nevertheless, we hope the athlete keeps up with his hard work and earns significantly. We look forward to seeing him succeed in whatever he does.

Published On: March 16, 2023

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