Is Shelton Sampson Jr.’s Net Worth Matching His Talent?: Wide Receiver-Catholic High School

Is Shelton Sampson Jr.’s Net Worth Matching His Talent?: Wide Receiver-Catholic High School

Shelton Sampson Jr.'s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Shelton Sampson Jr., a talented football player from Baton Rouge who plays as a wide receiver, is one of the top young prospects in the US. He recently committed to LSU and garnered a lot of attention.

Fans have also been curious about Shelton Sampson Jr.’s net worth since joining the university’s team. This article provides insight into Shelton’s background and achievements, so keep reading.

His Rise Through High School Career

  • While at Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, he was a remarkable wide receiver who left an incomparable legacy as the most exceptional player ever to hold that position.
  • He is one of the most exciting prospects for receivers in the Class of 2023 with a four-star rating, ranked number 36 overall and sixth among other players occupying his same role according to On3 Composite.
  • His prep career saw him achieve a total of 140 receptions which amassed up to 2,495 yards, alongside scoring 31 touchdowns.
  • On finishing off strong during their senior year, he caught 79 passes ranging over 1152 receiving yards while scoring 18 TDs, making it possible for just two others in Catholic history to reach a similar feat.
  • As a junior and senior, he received recognition as the First Team 5A All-State player.
  • He showed excellent skills on the field, with 932 yards and eight touchdowns from catching around 40 passes during his junior year alone.
  • He also scored 192 points throughout high school, eventually being ranked seventh overall for all-time in school history.
  • During his four years at Catholic, their combined record was an impressive score of 44 wins against 6 losses.
  • Under his leadership, they won two Louisiana Division I State Championships while making three appearances in state championships, with two district titles along the way.

His Earnings Through College Career

Shelton Sampson Jr. is a highly talented and promising player who decided to commit to LSU instead of Alabama and Florida State. He is considered an excellent addition to any team.

Despite his appearance as a wide receiver, Shelton’s play style and approach could result in him being placed inside.

Being highly sought-after due to his height of 6’4”, it can be anticipated that he would receive significant compensation for his contributions on the field.


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According to ZipRecruiter, college football players earn between $15,000 – $78,500 annually, although most fall within the $25,000-$40,500 yearly.

This gives us confidence that Shelton Sampson Jr.’s earnings could be quite a commendable sum.

NIL Valuation Contributing to Shelton Sampson Jr.’s Net Worth

Shelton Sampson Jr., the remarkable wide receiver, has gained a strong reputation among college football enthusiasts due to his exceptional performance.

The athlete is admired as a potential rising star in On3’s high school NIL ranking system, with a rank of 112. Notably, he stands out for his friendly behavior on and off-field.

Apart from winning accolades in NCAA football tournaments and having earned through NIL deals (estimated at $138K annually by On3), Shelton has also caught the eye of NFL scouts.

The youngster’s imposing physique and speedy athletic abilities make him quite promising when it comes to being picked in top-tier drafts that could potentially lead to securing professional contracts.

All these factors contribute positively toward Shelton Sampson Jr.’s net worth.

Lifestyle And Assets

It seems that Shelton Sampson Jr. has acquired a significant amount of wealth through his passion for football since he now has the opportunity to showcase his skills at Louisiana State University.

His Instagram profile also shows that he is happy with life and mainly focused on improving himself as an athlete while spending quality time with his family.

Shelton Sampson Jr.'s Net Worth
Shelton Sampson Jr.’s Net Worth. Image Source: Twitter.

Looking forward, this talented young football player will gain more recognition in the coming years, potentially leading to a higher net worth.

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Trivia And Facts

  • Shelton’s father, Shelton Sampson Sr., was an exceptional football player as a running back during his time at Northwestern State from 2002 to 2005.
  • Shelton Sampson’s mother is Latoya Sampson, and she is a nurse.
  • He intends to pursue his degree in business when he enters college.
  • Playing basketball, video gaming, and listening to music are some of his favorite pastimes.
  • His siblings’ names are Brycen Sampson and Baileigh Sampson.

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