The Secret to Austin Novosad’s Net Worth: Revealed

The Secret to Austin Novosad’s Net Worth: Revealed

Austin Novosad's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Austin Novosad made a noticeable debut in his sophomore year as a football player at Dripping Springs High School, where he earned the title of Newcomer of the Year for his district.

After impressing everyone in his first year, people were curious about Austin Novosad’s net worth. So stick with us to discover about the young sensation’s fortunes and career.

What Makes Austin Stand Out

  • Austin is a highly productive quarterback who excels in throwing the ball accurately and smoothly.
  • The Dripping Springs native operates within an offensive scheme that promotes aggressive passing, resulting in numerous scoring opportunities.
  • During his final year of high school, he threw for 2,907 yards and delivered 39 touchdowns with only 5 interceptions while completing almost two-thirds of his passes at an impressive distance-per-attempt average.
  • The youngster’s throwing motion is natural yet compact, and he possesses excellent spin control over the ball.
  • Moreover, he prefers executing throws from stationary positions behind the line of scrimmage but can also vary techniques to effectively attack different levels of defense.
  • Although weighing just 185 pounds, standing at six-foot-three inches tall presently, he could gain weight mass efficiently without sacrificing agility.

His High School Career Impressed Many

In high school, Austin Novosad also participated in track and field events.

In spring 2022, during his junior year, Austin achieved a time of 15.67 seconds for the 110-meter hurdles race.

Furthermore, the athlete also completed the 300-meter hurdles distance in 40.78 seconds and managed to jump triple at a measurement of 42-7.5.

During his senior year in 2022, Austin played an essential role by leading Dripping Springs to achieve a record of 12-2, with Texas’s Division II state quarterfinals ranking on their belt.

As per his performance during his junior years back in Texas District, Novosad was awarded the MVP title for his outstanding play.

This helped lead Dripping Springs towards glory, reaching first-round playoffs.


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Austin Novosad, the highly rated four-star quarterback, revealed that he had changed his commitment to Oregon from Baylor after being committed to the Bears for over a year.

The flip occurred as there was an urgency for a quarterback at Ducks since they lost their own recruit Dante Moore who opted for UCLA.

Moore’s departure created an opportunity in the team lineup, which is now filled by Novosad- currently ranked 9th position under the Class of 2023, according to 247Sports.

When questioned about his change in the decision, the athlete said the overall fit was good and hence preferred joining hands with the Oregon Ducks instead of any other options.

Austin Novosad’s Net Worth According to His NIL Valuation

Student-athletes can monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness with a value ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per year.

In contrast, professional athletes receive between $50,000 and $400.00 for group usage licenses through endorsement income.

According to ON3’s evaluation of Novosad’s NIL worth at present is around $261K but is likely to increase in the future as he gains more exposure.

Athletes also have the option of utilizing their social media presence for earning.

For example, Austin has over 8.6K followers on Instagram, which may contribute towards Austin Novosad’s net worth through sponsorships or collaborations.

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Enjoys a Private Life

Austin Novosad presents himself professionally on Instagram and selectively posts football-related content.

Nonetheless, Austin interacts with his fan base and relishes pleasant conversations due to his amiable personality. 

As the young talent enters the professional scene, more followers will naturally gravitate toward him.

Austin Novosad's Net Worth
Austin Novosad’s Net Worth. Image Source: Twitter.

Overall, Austin has promising prospects for a successful career ahead of him. With proper guidance and support from those around him, we hope to see continued growth in his expertise.

As he progresses further in his pursuits, there are endless possibilities for Austin Novosad’s fortune to increase, and we wish him all the success in achieving his goals.

Trivia And Facts

  • Austin has a college football NIL Rank of 188.
  • The talented athlete is currently dating Chainey Weitz.
  • His Twitter followers count over 4.4K.

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