Rinky Hijikata Net Worth: 5 Insights into His Success

As the tennis season is approaching, tennis enthusiasts are discussing the upcoming players. So, we suggest you guys keep an eye on rising star Rinky Hijikata.

This blog will dive deep into the tennis player’s career and uncover Rinky Hijikata net worth. So, here are five points on how he successfully unsheathes fortune from his passion.

5. Nurtured Discipline Since Early Age

The child playing tennis in the backyard at the age of 3 or 4 has proved himself as a rising star in tennis, all thanks to his discipline and development since his early age. 

The professional player has competed in football for three years, Rugby for five years, and trained in swimming for eight years. 

However, his keenness for tennis led him to join his high school varsity tennis team at 11, making him the youngest player ever to join the King’s School Varsity team.

Rinky received coaching from Ben Pyne, Jarrad Bunt, and David Moore, which played a vital role in his development. 

The enthusiasm for winning was always in him, and the credit coaching fueled his enthusiasm. After joining the University of North Carolina for his junior-level college, he strives in tennis more than anyone.

Rinky Hijikata fortune
Rinky Hijikata fortune. Image source: Instagram.

Rinky created history by earning All-American honors as a sophomore before turning pro. 

Therefore, his discipline and enthusiasm for tennis made him a promising athlete who can embark in every aspect he steps in. 

4. Crafting Distinct Identity: Personal Branding

The way towards personal branding is the key to sustainable success. It will open doors for various opportunities that will levitate the career beyond athletic accomplishments.

Moreover, social media plays a vital role in branding as it creates a platform that directly connects fans and followers and helps share the journey and promote events.

The promising athlete has created and established a solid personal brand that resonates well with fans and supporters. 

Rinky has created a strong personal brand that sets him apart from the competition and has helped to set many connections and networking that will eventually help him in the future.

Therefore, given how impressive Rinky is at branding himself, he has enormous potential to leverage this success into significant profits through merchandise sales, endorsement, and other mediums.

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3. Unlatching The Door of New Opportunities: Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals

The tennis journey of Rinky has already gathered admiration and adoration from professionals, fans, brands, and even corporate companies.

As he walks forward in ranking and tournaments, immense potential is waiting for the tennis star in terms of sponsorships and brand endorsements.

The player has secured an endorsement deal with Fila, a tennis clothing and apparel brand.

Similarly, he has a racquet sponsorship deal with Yonex. He was seen promoting the racquet in many events.

These lucrative deals have undoubtedly elevated Rinky Hijikata wealth. Rinky moving every inch toward success will definitely reflect in both his sports and finance realms with equal fervor.

2. Molding The Path Towards Grand Slam Has Incremented Rinky Hijikata Net Worth

Grand Slam is considered the pinnacle of tennis due to its prestigious and significant tennis tournaments. It is the dream of all tennis players to make a debut in the grand slams.

The debut in grand slams provides opportunities to showcase their talent and abilities in the most significant stages of tennis.

However, the path toward a Grand Slam takes work. Players either need better ranking or protected ranking to have direct entry. 

Otherwise, the players can have wildcards or notable exceptions other than qualifying the rounds in the only way.

The promising players or local talents are given wildcard entry in grand slams. Rinky secured his first Grand Slam win against Yannick Hanfmann after receiving into the Australian Open.


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Similarly, Australian wildcards Rinky Hijikata and Jason Kubler cut a swathe through the men’s doubles draw, ensuring an Australian Open trophy remains in the homeland.

This excellent gameplay at Grand Slams has increased Rinky Hijikata fortune and simultaneously helped him to climb the rankings. 

1. Passion to Prosperity: Valuation of Efforts And Hard Work

The promising tennis player has walked to the tennis court since a young age, participating in many tournaments and events.

There is a funny story about how Rinky flexed about getting 1k richer after winning the tournament in 2015, his junior era.

This implies that after participating and winning various titles in different tournaments and events, it will directly reflect on the fortune of the athlete.

The Australian player always starts his years with a bang. In January 2002, he made his ATP tour debut after qualifying for the main draw at the 2022 Melbourne Summer Set 1, where he defeated Henri Laaksonen in the final round.

Likewise, in 2022, he moved 33 positions up, making his debut at the top 160 after winning his first maiden title in Playford.

Similarly, Hijikata won against the second-seeded pair of Jamie Murray and Michael Venus in the quarterfinals and reached the semifinals of the 2023 Delray Beach Open partnering up with Reese Stalder.

Accomplishing new heights of success every day has enhanced Rinky Hijikata financial success to the next level.

Just in 2023, Rinky earned prize money of $268,998 in singles and $302,915 in doubles.

Grand Slam Prize Money

Year Prize Money
2022 Singles $148,379
2022 Doubles $16,245
2021 Singles $24,056

ATP Tour Prize Money

Year Prize Money
2022 Singles $19,630
2022 Doubles $760

Table Source: Salary Sport

The Australian professional player has earned approximately about 1 million from his prize money which is quite an enormous amount to amass in a short period of tennis.

Unfortunately, there is no accurate estimation of Rinky Hijikata wealth. However, he has inevitably accumulated a massive amount of money from his primary and secondary income streams.

Lastly, we hope that Rinky Hijikata net worth will be revealed soon, and we will make sure to update after such an update.

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