5 Lessons We Can Learn from Zechariah Owens’ Net Worth Growth

You should first comprehend the value of money if you’re asking how to raise your net worth. Zechariah Owens, a college football player, is the ideal illustration of comprehending the worth of money.

In this blog, we will discuss how the Clemson player understands the worth of money and how it has helped in the growth of Zechariah Owens’ net worth. So, are you all set to absorb the informative details?

5. How Connections And Networking Are Win-Win Situations?

Networking and making contacts can occasionally be exhausting, time-consuming, and embarrassing. However, it works well for building confidence and keeping long-term partnerships going.

Networking is a situation where everyone can gain something. So, it seems that athletes should be able to establish and maintain relationships on and off the field.

Zechariah Owens' net worth
Zechariah Owens’ net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

On the field, they may keep in touch with opponents, specialists, professionals, and tournament directors. Off the field, they can forge ties with companies and corporate agencies.

Building a network will also give Owens access to a wide range of opportunities and possibilities where he may demonstrate his abilities and make money.

4. NFL Prospect: Future Potential

The road to becoming an NFL prospect is challenging that weaves together natural skill, commitment, and tenacity.

Moreover, Zechariah Owens is a high-floor prospect with great physicality that could lead him as a ceiling in the top half of the NFL Draft.

Once the athlete is NFL drafted, it will help them to receive a high bonus as part of the rookie contract and has high salaries in comparison to undrafted football athletes.

Additionally, it will significantly boost the personal brand along with opening opportunities in the international market. So, if the collegiate athlete improves his abilities and refines his skills, he is more likely to be drafted faster.

So, NFL drafting is more like securing the perfect football career that will add up a massive amount to Zechariah Owens’ fortune.

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3. Personal Branding: How To Create Differentiated Identity?

In today’s world, where people’s attention spans are dwindling by the minute, it is essential to make an impact on people. The best way to accomplish this is through developing a solid and enduring brand identity.

With the help of personal branding, the athlete has created a different identity from others and developed a well-defined persona for himself.

Moreover, if personal branding is effective, it can make a long-lasting and pleasant impression on the fans helping to create a legacy for him. 

So, Zechariah has made proper use of his social media to create solid personal branding. Social media is the platform for Owens to connect directly to his fans and followers.

As a result, Zechariah has been able to take advantage of numerous opportunities, including networking and business partnerships, thanks to his smart branding strategy.

2. Merchandising: Sustainable Planning to Increase Zechariah Owens’ Net Worth

An athlete needs to have a far-sighted sketch of the future. Zechariah Owens’ financial standings have unquestionably been influenced favorably by his future planning and foresight.

The most long-lasting strategy to safeguard his riches is the idea of marketing and launching his products. It is the logical method of transforming immediate resources into future economic inflows.

Zechariah Owens' net worth
Zechariah Owens’ net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Currently, the football athlete has merchandised sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, and stainless steel tumblers. In the coming time, these merchandising products will increase in terms of quality and number.

The Owens’ vintage lightweight tee is currently selling at $36 per piece. Moreover, Owens’ stainless steel tumbler is at a price of $32 per piece.

Merchandise Price
Owens Home Shirtsy $54.00
Owens Away Shirtsy $54.00
Owens Alt Shirtsy $54.00
Owens Flap Tee $34.00
Owens Vintage Lightweight Tee $36.00
Owens 24*36 Poster $32.00

   Table Source: Nilproshop

Furthermore, the limited edition release will also increase his craze among fans and, at the same time, increase his fortune exponentially.

1. Sponsorship and Endorsements: NIL Valuation

You may also be familiar with the new changes in NCAA law that have enabled collegiate athletes to earn money by selling their name, image, and likeliness(NIL).

This change in law has substantially benefitted college athletes. After knowing their NIL valuation, athletes can understand the complexities of contracts, negotiations, and legal considerations.

As per the On3 valuation report of August 23, the football player, Owens, has an NIL valuation of about $79k. Moreover, while calculating the valuation, both roster and brand values haven’t been unlocked. 

So, it can be assumed that once all these factors are unlocked, Owens’ NIL valuation will definitely be more comparable to this report. So, Zechariah Owens’ net worth is growing in a rapid manner due to his NIL contracts.

This may include promotional events, partnership ads campaigns, endorsement deals, and sponsored products.

Therefore, Owens’ method of first understanding his value and then successfully cracking the deal with favorable negotiation terms has greatly assisted him in increasing his wealth.

Therefore, we hope that he achieves more triumphs in the coming future and amass more fortune as he continues to unfold new successes in his life.

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