6 Facts About JER: The Mysterious Musician Taking the World by Storm!

If you are looking for a young emerging singer with authenticity and rawness in their songs and music, then you need to search for JER and listen to them ASAP. The artist is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, and JER facts will surely attract people’s attention.

JER (They/Them) is one of the most well-known singers in the Ska Punk/Pop Punk genre. Ska is a music genre that began in Jamaica in the late 1950s, and the music style influenced rocksteady and reggae. This article discusses the singer and guitarist, including their six interesting facts.

6. Hails From Florida

JER is a 27 years old artist who originally hails from Gainesville, Florida, The United States. They began playing SKA music in their high school band and have since accompanied other groups in the Florida scene. The youthful musician is well recognized for supporting the band “We Are the Union.”

People frequently discover them performing a ska cover of the Teen Titans theme song on their social media site. In addition, they frequently explain the societal effects of ska music in 1960s Jamaica under the name Skatune Network.

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5. Their Real Name Is Jeremy

JER is also known by their real name Jeremy Hunter. They have kept themself busy over the past few years by releasing a never-ending catalog of two-tone versions of emo hits, Christmas classics, cartoon themes, and more.

Moreover, the music artist has also played trombone for We Are The Union. It’s impossible to ignore Hunter’s influence in contemporary ska music today. It is mainly because they have contributed significantly to the genre’s revival. Another popular singer, Drake’s ex-girlfriend Bernice Burgos often gushes about him in the media.

4. Also Known By Moniker Skatune Network

JER gained popularity by performing ska covers of non-ska songs under the name Skatune Network. The network covers songs on a YouTube channel built by JER.

Skatune Network has covered the music of Jeff Rosenstock, Omnigone, and others in addition to producing their music under the name JER. The network released two JER demos on Skank for Choice’s 2020 Quarantine Compilation. They primarily use social media platforms to raise awareness of the active music scene and socio-political concerns.

3. Breakthrough Debut Project BOTHERED/ UNBOTHERED

BOTHERED/ UNBOTHERED, the official debut venture of Skatune Network, is a message against the present status of the world. It is the kind of project that has consistently raged against outcast communities.

This album is an enjoyable and mysterious take on ska that any fan, whether new or familiar with the genre, can get into and enjoy. JER masterfully combines ska with their unique concoction of hip-hop, trap, and synthesizer sounds on their debut album.

2. One of JER facts is Their Inspiring Debut Single Song

JER officially released their first single, “R/Edgelord,” one of the previously demoed songs. The song criticizes those who post illogical content online. Also, it has all the rich horn melodies that one would hope from Jeremy and is entertaining, catchy, driving ska-punk tune.

It is a preview of JER’s debut full-length album, which Bad Time Records released in 2021. “R/Edgelord,” was mixed and produced by Reed Wolcott, the vocalist of We Are The Union band.

1. Popular On Instagram

JER has an insane fan following on social media, especially on Instagram, where they goes by the user handle @skatunenetwork. On the platform, the artist has more than 93k followers. Most of their uploads are inspired by their professional career as a singer.

JER's debut alblum
JER facts. Image Source: Instagram.

On June 10, 2022, JER uploaded a short clip to express their joy at having their debut album, BOTHERED/ UNBOTHERED, chart on Billboard. They expressed extreme happiness and pride in representing the Ska genre.

Overall, JER is seen busy touring various places. We look forward to their upcoming release and hope they receive more attention. JER’s facts seem fascinating, and so does their career.

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