Who Is Queer Actress Abby McEnany’s Partner In Her Mid-50s? A Fascinating Look At Love And Relationships In Hollywood

Who Is Queer Actress Abby McEnany’s Partner In Her Mid-50s? A Fascinating Look At Love And Relationships In Hollywood

Abby McEnany is a queer actress known for the series "Work In Progress." Image Source: Social Media.

Abby McEnany, a queer actress who struggled with her gender identity for most of her life, is considered someone you can look up to if you are on the journey of finding your true self. In this article, we dive into the actress’ personal life and find out who Abby McEnany’s partner is, including the how and whens of her relationships.

McEnany is known for her big debut role in “Work In Progress.”  She is revealing her authentic self through the role she plays. Let’s learn about her career, gender identity, and her love life.

Supportive Family

Abby said she doesn’t talk about her coming out story because it was a non-event. She came out to her family when she was 24, and her relationship with her parents wasn’t affected. Abby McEnany’s father is a cardiovascular surgeon, and she knew the nurses working with her dad were gay men. So before she came out to them, her parents had expressed their open-mindedness in subtle ways, and she considers herself lucky.

McEnany came out to her parents as bisexual because, at that time, she felt the label “bi” was the most correct as she was attracted to both men and women. But as she learned more about herself, she began to question herself. She never felt at home with her label as “Bisexual.” She expressed her search for learning and trying to know herself better and is open to change.

Abby McEnany Parents
Abby McEnany came out as bisexual to her parents. Photo Source: Social Media.

Now Abby explains she has found the right words: queer, dyke and fluid. She feels the term “Fluid” to be her resting place for now as she believes it sums up her sexual identity. Regardless, she is still open to change and is in the process of learning and relearning. Just like her show, it’s a work in progress.

Abby’s Work In Progress Series

Abby McEnany was born in 1968 and has been interested in improv comedy since her college days at the University of Chicago. So in 1990, she enrolled at Second City, an improvisational comedy enterprise in Chicago. There she met a popular late-night show host Stephen Colbert who was her teacher.

For those of you who have set a time limit for achievements, her story can be an inspiration. McEnany got greenlight for her autobiographical TV series Work In Progress at 51. In the show, McEnany plays a self-proclaimed “fat, queer dyke” named Abby, who’s depressed and battling suicidal impulses and has OCD.


The series also revolves around her new relationship with a trans man named Chris, who is two decades her junior. The actress’s real life inspired the on-screen romance. In the series, Abby McEnany’s partner Chris is played by Theo Germaine.

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Abby McEnany’s Partner

It was the summer of 2009 when Abby met a very special person. She was out to dinner with her improv troupe in Washington, D.C. In the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, McEnany heard a voice asking for an order, and it was Alex. When McEnany met them, Abby McEnany’s partner used he/him pronoun but later changed it to they/them.

Abby told Alex was the hottest person she had ever seen. Initially, she thought they were a woman, a dyke like herself. But after exchanging email addresses and a smooth follow-up, Abby found out they are a trans man. After dating Alex, McEnany realized the term bi or lesbian did not fit her. In fact, she felt calling herself lesbian would neglect Alex’s identity as a trans man.

Sadly, Abby revealed that they broke up, but Alex is still a big part of her life, and she is grateful to them. All in all, the purpose of meeting Alex was to give Abby greater clarity about who she is. Nonetheless, Abby McEnany’s partner must be living a content life.

The actress is very private and seldom gives updates about her personal life. She is away from social media as well and is old school. However, now 54-year-old Abby’s relationship status is unknown. Nevertheless, the actress strongly expresses love and acceptance and advocates for others to hold on if they are yet to find it.

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