5 Interesting Facts About Gosu General Twitch Streamer: League Of Legends ADC Gamer

5 Interesting Facts About Gosu General Twitch Streamer: League Of Legends ADC Gamer

Gosu is a Quebec-based Canadian League of Legend Twitch Streamer who streams for TSM. Image Source: parkjimahn Instagram.

Whether you play games frequently or know someone who does, you have undoubtedly already had at least a brief interaction with the League of Legends (LoL) ADC game. Many experts in the game have far more skill than newer players because it has been around for a while. One of them is Gosu General Twitch streamer.

Given how interesting and talented the gamer is, there are a few things that some people might not be aware of him. So here are some facts about Gosu that you may not be aware of.

5. An Extremely Shy Kid

Gosu General Twitch streamer was born on June 7, 1990, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. The popular streamer majored in computer science before switching to streaming.

Furthermore, Gosu once revealed that he was extremely shy as a kid. He characterized himself as a usual stereotypical nerd. So when he first started streaming, he didn’t want to reveal his voice and was only interested in playing and streaming the game.

It became Gosu’s thing as time passed, and he decided to roll with it. The streamer’s willingness allowed him to make a living solely from live-streaming video games. He revealed his voice for the first time on December 5, 2015. Similarly, on December 31, 2015, he revealed his face by sharing numerous photos of himself on Facebook and Twitter.

4. His Journey Started At A Young Age

Gaming and streaming have always captivated him, which may be why the Canadian decided to make a career out of streaming. He started with video games at a young age and used Nintendo’s NES console. After that, he used to play Mario, Sonic, Pokemon titles, and Zelda and eventually transitioned to gaming on a PC.

Moreover, Gosu General Twitch streamer has been an LoL player since Season 1 and an ADC high Elo streamer since 2013. Since Season 4, he has once every season reached Challenger, but only in S4, 5, 6, and 8 did he continue it until the very end of the season.

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3. Started Streaming Since 2012

Gosu stated that he started experimenting with live broadcasting on the streaming platform Own3d in 2012. His initial LoL rank was Silver, the third-highest rank in the game’s Elo rating system. Gosu stated that professional player Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng motivated him to start streaming.

Furthermore, the Twitch streamer started streaming just for fun and eventually began investing more time into the game. Gosu’s popularity skyrocketed by his mastery of Vayne. He initially created montage clips showcasing his champion gameplay and shared them online, and success arrived surprisingly.

As a result, Gosu General Twitch streamer grew to have a sizable fan base. More than 2 million people are following him on Twitch as of 2023.

2. Got His Moniker From Friends

Gosu’s real name is reportedly Park Jim-Ahn, and many must be wondering how he got his moniker. Previously, he used to go by the gaming name “hi im gosu.” Many of his pals gave him the nickname Gosu while playing Starcraft 2, so he started using it as his username.

Gosu General Twitch In-Game name
Gosu, a popular League of Legends ADC player, goes by the gaming name hi im gosu. Image Source: LOLGosu Twitter.

Gosu is a Korean term that refers to a highly skilled individual. Furthermore, Gosu is a League of Legends streamer for the North American esports club Team SoloMid (TSM).

1. Got Involved In Various Controversies

Gosu was accused of scripting to cheat in LoL in February 2017. However, it was later proved that a pathing bug brought this into the game.

Furthermore, in January 2016, another streamer, Trick2g, began drinking in what appeared to be a daily live webcast. After a while, the General Twitch streamer revealed that he intended to kill himself and ended the call. Twitch eventually shut down the stream, and the police visited his home.

The police pushed Gosu to schedule a therapy session. As a result, he changed various aspects of his lifestyle due to the event. Afterward, the Alberta-based streamer was more concerned about taking care of his health than playing video games.

All in all, Gosu General Twitch streamer seems to be doing well, and we wish him the very best.

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