Ninja’s Wife Jessica Blevins Got Involved As Pokimane On Twitch Made Strong Accusations Against Ninja In 2022

Ninja’s Wife Jessica Blevins Got Involved As Pokimane On Twitch Made Strong Accusations Against Ninja In 2022

Ninja's wife Jessica Blevins also worked as his manager. Image Source: Jessica Blevins Instagram.

Anyone who is into Twitch a lot might have heard the name Ninja. But if you don’t fall into this category, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Born Richard Tyler Blevins, he is a record-breaking streamer. He is thankful to his parents for where he is now, and there’s another person who also takes the credit, and that’s Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins.

Mrs. Blevins is also a streamer, so could it be one of the reasons why the couple bonded? Well, let’s take some patience and dig into this article to learn about Ninja’s wife, their marriage, and more. Enjoy reading!

A Meet-Cute Because Of Fate

Ninja and his spouse, Jessica Goch, have been married for some time now. But did you know the pair almost never met? Back in 2010, Ninja’s wife was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and was seeing someone at that time. Jessica Blevins’ then-beau invited her to accompany him in Lacrosse at a “Halo” tournament called Focus Fire.

At that time, Jessica almost did not go for several reasons. One, the week before the tournament, the couple broke up, and Lacrosse was taking place during a terrible snowstorm, a 3-1/2-hour drive from Whitewater. But she ended up going as her ex-beau urged her to support him even though they broke up.

On the other hand, Jessica Blevins’ husband also had to drive an extra hour through the terrible weather and almost did not go. But it’s all fate that played its game, and the duo met. However, nothing started then as Ninja had a girlfriend.

Ninja' wife Jessica Blevins
Ninja and Jessica met all because of fate. Image Source: Jessica Blevins Instagram.

Although the duo never really talked, they kept in touch once in a while through their uni days. Then, three years later, the duo reconnected over Twitter. He instantly texted her after she tweeted him and exchanged numbers. Soon, the couple started texting, and meeting in person, and the rest is history.

A Happily Ever After

Did you know it was a bet that drew Ninja and his lovely spouse together? While he is a Lions fan, Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins is a Packers fan. So, they made a bet that if their favorite team won, the other had to visit them. Well, Packers won, so Jessica’s hubby visited him at college.

Soon after, the couple began dating. Then, in December 2017, Jessica Blevin’s then-boyfriend proposed to her. He planned a romantic proposal in front of the Christmas tree. They were relaxing in their living room, and suddenly, he got down on one of his knees and pulled the ring out from one of the puppies’ collar.

Jessica Blevins’ parents recorded the video, which has 843,460 views as of January 2023. The twitch streamer shared the engagement pictures on Twitter.

The lovebirds tied the knot in August 2017, and it was a lovely ceremony. A Chicago-based wedding videography firm, Old North Film Company, created a lovely video of their wedding and posted it on their YouTube channel, which now has 1.1 million views.

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Ninja’s Wife Jessica Blevins Is A Reason Behind His Success

Not just a loving wife, Jessica is also a twitch streamer who goes by the name “JGhosty.” She has been on Twitch since 2014 and has 200 videos with over 320,000 followers. While she started out by streaming games, she then began “IRL” streams, where one live-streams what they’re doing.

Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins tried Twitch because of him, and by 2016, she began writing emails to several big companies like Alienware or HyperX and pitched for her hubby. Jessica served as the manager of Ninja for many years before stepping down in October 2022. The motive behind doing so was to grow her brand alongside him. She signed with CAA and has a PR team.


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Before stepping down as manager Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins took legal action against Pokimaine, a fellow streamer, for defamation due to talking against JiDion, who was banned from Twitch for hate-raiding Pokimaine. JiDion’s fans asked Jessica Blevins’ husband to help with the ban, to which he replied with messages to his Twitch account manager. Pokimane reportedly called him out for helping JiDion, and the couple reportedly got involved with the legal team.

All in all, we wish Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins all the very best for her future ventures. Also, we hope to hear some good news about their kids and other things in the near future.

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