Meet Adam Montoya – The Call of Duty Gamer Not As Active After The Birth Of Daughter Mia

Meet Adam Montoya – The Call of Duty Gamer Not As Active After The Birth Of Daughter Mia

Adam Montoya the Call of Duty Gamer. Image Source: Instagram.

The gaming community was left wondering when Adam Montoya, popularly known as SeaNanners, disappeared from the online world, making people curious.

Adam Montoya the Call of Duty gamer has surfaced recently after his long unexplained absence. Find out why he went afk and other details about him in the following article.

Who is Adam Montoya The Call of Duty Gamer?

  • Adam Montoya is a San Diego native who began his career as a YouTube video creator in 2009.
  • He began by creating CoD: WaW clips before moving on to primarily newer CoD games and, more recently, just games in general.
  • Adam holds a degree in Television, Film, & New Media Production from San Diego State University.
  • During his tenure there, he created several short films, the majority of which are now unknown, but one of them was Welcome.

Where His Career Took Off 

Before YouTube, Adam attempted but failed to establish a production firm.

However, Montoya’s popularity skyrocketed after he enlisted the assistance of Shaun ‘Hutch’ HutchinsonBeyond CompareX, and others.

The streamer gained recognition for assisting his viewers to become better at the game while keeping them entertained. The more clips he made, the more his personality was infused into his videos.

Adam Montoya’s personality is now the main driving force behind his videos.

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SeaNanners Personal Life

Adam Montoya met his wife, Cathy Diep, when she was still working at in the marketing department.

Adam Montoya’s girlfriend-turned-wife soon began participating in many of his videos, despite the fact that their relationship was first kept private.

Adam Montoya the Call of Duty Gamer
Adam Montoya the Call of Duty Gamer. Image Source: Instagram.

SeaNanners’ admirers speculated that they were both dating, but Cathy’s Instagram bio revealed that they had tied the knot.

Adam Montoya’s wife, Cathy, a gamer, also runs a gaming YouTube channel called Catabot, where Adam appears frequently.

Personal Problems Forced Him to Take a Break

Adam Montoya the Call of Duty gamer, quit the Internet in 2018 following what he described as the darkest year of his life, with no assurance of ever returning.

But in 2020, he made an unexpected comeback on YouTube and revealed why he was gone for so long. What happened to SeaNanners?

Why I quit the Internet, the title of his homecoming video, Adam went into detail on why he quit YouTube for so long and what finally prompted him to return.

The gamer said that he had spent a significant amount of time uploading videos. But he didn’t spend much time on himself.

As a result, the gamer’s life had become somewhat stagnant. He had no idea where to go, who he was, or what was happening.

The Birth of His Daughter Mia Montoya

Adam and his wife also had a lovely daughter, Mia, at the time. Adam has stated that he had a lot of unpaid emotional debt.

Adam had been dealing with anxiety and stress for a long time, and the arrival of Mia further exacerbated his concerns.

Caring for a newborn is a difficult task, especially for new parents. In addition, Adam struggled with depression and rage due to the stress of caring for a life entirely reliant on him.

So a break from YouTube was precisely what the streamer required. He added that he and his partner liquidated much of their possessions and relocated to Austin, Texas, to reconnect with and reconsider their life.

Adam apologized for ‘bouncing and not saying anything’ and restated his commitment to becoming more stable, stronger, and happier.

What’s Next For the Gamer

Adam claimed he’s feeling out what’s next, with the purpose of doing both YouTube videos and live streams. He also informed viewers that he has another revenue stream that isn’t from YouTube.

As a result, he can genuinely enjoy content production. Many fellow YouTubers applauded Montaya’s return and credited him as their inspiration for joining YouTube.

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Adam’s comeback is excellent news for fans who have been waiting for him to post another YouTube video for a long time.

Also, the revelation that Adam will be generating material again may also bring in new people who may not have seen him.

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