Is Cathy Diep Transitioning From Adam Montoya’s Girlfriend To Adam Montoya’s Wife Soon?

Is Cathy Diep Transitioning From Adam Montoya’s Girlfriend To Adam Montoya’s Wife Soon?

Adam’s full-time job has been YouTubing since late 2011. Image Source: Adam Montoya's Instagram

Adam Montoya, famously known as SeaNanner, was born on June 12th, 1984. This famous YouTuber is said to be dating Cathy Diep for more than a decade now. Adam met his now girlfriend before he focused on YouTube full-time.

Similar to Adam, Cathy too was into gaming and later started her YouTube career in 2009. Prior to Cathy, Adam wasn’t rumored to be with any other girl. So, could Cathy be the one and only love of Adam’s life? Follow along and know if Cathy is transitioning from Adam Montoya’s girlfriend to Adam Montoya’s wife anytime soon.

Know More About Adam Montoya

Born in San Diego, Adam started his YouTube career in 2009 as a video creator making CoD: WaW videos. Adam has a degree in television, film, and new media production from San Diego State University. While he was pursuing his degree, he made a few short films. However, most of his short films are unknown, but Welcome was one of them. Moreover, Adam had tried to run a production firm before YouTube, but unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

Adam gained recognition and popularity on YouTube when he received the aid of Shaun Hutch HutchinsonBeyond Compare X, and numerous other companies and YouTubers. He also rose to fame by teaching his audience how to play the games better while keeping them engaged. The more videos he produced, the more his personality was incorporated into them.

Who Is Adam Montoya’s Girlfriend?

Having a successful YouTube career, Adam’s full-time job has been YouTubing since late 2011. He is currently in a relationship with Cathy Diep. From Adam’s Instagram, Adam has revealed that he and Cathy have been together for twelve years as of January 2023.

Adam Montoya's girlfriend and Adam Montoya's wife
The couple have welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Image Source: Adam Montoya’s Instagram.

Cathy Diep, famously known as Catabot, is also a content creator and gamer, just like her long-time boyfriend, Adam. Along with gaming content, Cathy also made some DIY videos. However, Cathy hasn’t posted much on her youtube anymore. So, could it be she has already left YouTube?

Moreover, Adam Montoya’s girlfriend also has her very own website where she shares her recipes, mainly focusing on Asian Cuisine. According to different sources, it is said that Cathy and Adam met during Adam’s employment at Machinima. During his time at Machinima, Adam was a host for the respawn team while Cathy was on the marketing team. 

Adam Is A Dad

Having a successful career and a loving girlfriend, Adam is now a father of a sweet little baby girl. Adam Montoya’s girlfriend and Adam welcomed their little bundle of happiness in this world in October 2022.

The gamer took to Twitter to announce the birth of his little princess, and needless to say, the fans were super excited for the couple’s next journey in life. The couple announced their baby’s name in the same tweet as their baby’s arrival. The name of the baby girl is Mia Montoya.

Similar to Adam Montoya know how Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins supported him through thick and thin.

Are The Wedding Bells Ringing?

With a successful career and love life, Adam has now taken the journey to parenthood. He must be an excellent father to this daughter. Having more than a decade-long committed relationship along with a child, is the wedding bells about to ring between Adam and Cathy? Adam and Cathy’s supporters are dying to know whether the duo is married or not.

To your surprise, yes, the couple is now married. From Adam Montoya’s wife, Cathy’s Instagram bio, we know that the couple has already tied the knot and is sharing a blissful marital life together. However, the public has not yet discovered information regarding their marriage. So we must wait for the duo to spill the beans regarding this. 

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All and all, Adam Montoya’s wife and Adam must be living a comfortable lifestyle. We wish them the best for their journey to parenthood and hope that they reveal more about their personal as well as professional life in the upcoming future. 

Published On: January 26, 2023

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