5 Fun Facts About Streamer Enviosity’s Wife Fishywishies You Might Not Know

Enviosity is one of the most popular names in the world of online streaming. The streamer is the most-watched Genshin Impact streamer on Twitch and has a huge fan following.

People, especially the viewers, are curious about the love interest in Enviosity’s life. Who is Enviosity dating, is he already married? Continue reading to find out about Streamer Enviosity’s wife. 

5. The Story of How The Couple Met Is Pretty Cute

Enviosity is married to Fishywishies. The couple has a cute love story about how they met.

Basically, the duo met online, and it was anime that pretty much brought them together.

The pair had been long-distance dating online for quite a long time and only visited each other once a year or so.

Eventually, the lovebirds moved in together and got married.

However, Enviosity has stated that they had been dating for a long time, much longer than they had been married.

It is one of those rare occasions where long-distance relationships worked out so well.

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4. Streamer Enviosity’s Wife is Very Supportive of Him

Enviosity is a huge deal in the world of Genshin Impact. And he couldn’t have reached such heights without the support of his loving wife.

Enviosity’s spouse, Fishywishies, understands that he must cater to the viewers as they are their primary income source.

Therefore, the gamer’s other half wholeheartedly supports his passion for the game and streaming.

Fishy even joins her husband in-game sometimes, and together the happy couple explores the game hand in hand.

There are plenty of cute and wholesome clips of them playing together and having a good time on YouTube.

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3 Fishy Hasn’t Revealed Much About Her Life

A quick glance at Fishywishies social media handles will be enough to let you know that she is a secretive person with nearly zero digital footprints.

On her Instagram page, she mainly posts fan art and food pics. She has kept a low profile online, and little information on her is known.

We don’t know her real name or what she looks like. Fishywishies’ husband is quite similar to her in this regard.

The couple doesn’t have a single picture together and values their privacy above all else.

Even while streaming, the duo uses an avatar to capture their movements and facial expressions.

We can only hope that one day the lovely couple will share some information with their viewers, and till then, we will respect their privacy.

2 The Duo Have Been Victims of Cyberbullying

Fishywishies and her husband, Enviosity, have been a victim of cyberbullying. A lot of hate was directed toward the couple targeting their gameplay style.

Fishy has talked in depth about that in a Reddit post. The post explained that reading the negative comments kept her awake at night, and delving into the topic affected her mental health.

Enviosity’s spouse felt it unfair that thousands of people were nitpicking against him, and while trying to defend him, she was caught in the crossfire. 

Fishy further explained that she was grateful for all the support, but at the same time, the negativity and backlash were slowly washing away their self-esteem.

Yet, despite all this, Enviosity’s life partner is hopeful and wants to see the best in humanity. 

1. Streamer Enviosity’s Wife, Fishywishies, is also a Streamer

Fishywishies is also a streamer like her husband. Although she isn’t as famous as him, she has a decent fan following with 29.2 K followers. 

The Twitch Streamer also has a YouTube channel, but she is not too active on the platform. Recently, she released her merch so that her fans can support her by buying her products.

Streamer Enviosity's Wife
Streamer Enviosity’s Wife. Image Source: Twitter.

Fishywishies Instagram and Twitter followers are low, with around a thousand followers each, but that is to be expected as she prefers to live in the real world rather than on social media.

We understand that Streamer Enviosity’s partner wants to separate her professional and personal lives.

But unfortunately, there are countless examples of people getting no privacy just because of their fame, and she wants to avoid that.

Although this decision will disappoint fans, they must understand that not everyone is looking for fame.

We can only hope that the happy couple reveals more info about their life and we can write more about them. Check back with us to see if there are any updates regarding the pair surfaces.

Published On: May 5, 2023

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