QTCinderella’s Real Name and Background – Ludwig Ahgren’s Girlfriend Planning To Take Vows Anytime Soon ?

QTCinderella’s Real Name and Background –  Ludwig Ahgren’s Girlfriend Planning To Take Vows Anytime Soon ?

QTCinderella started dating Ludwig Ahgren since the summer of 2020. Image Source: QTCinderella instagram.

QTCinderella is an American Twitch streamer well-known for her entertaining streams and gaming-related YouTube videos. She used to focus primarily on gaming, but she and her partner Ludwig Ahgren have recently begun streaming a range of stuff. If you are a keen gamer, you must be aware of both Twitch streamers.

QTCinderella’s real name and her love life are what every fan wants to know. She got more popular after her relationship speculations with Ludwig, a Twitch streamer. So now let’s get to know more about the streamer and her personal details.

What Is QTCinderella’s Real Name?

QTCinderella was born on June 6, 1994, and grew up in the United States with her parents and elder sister, who have a Mormon background. Furthermore, Blaire is QTCinderella’s real name. She was raised in a very loving and supportive family. Sadly, her mother passed away after a lengthy illness in July 2016, and the Twitch streamer has always been outspoken about it.

Moreover, QT attended culinary school to become a chef. However, she decided to pursue a career as a Twitch streamer while she was a college student and started streaming in 2018. She wanted to start streaming in 2015 but could not as she did not have the right equipment. She also wished she had quit her day job earlier and started streaming.


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The American influencer started her Youtube page on March 5 of that year, and as of right now, she has 419k subscribers on YouTube and 835k Twitch followers.

The LA-based streamer began broadcasting games like The Among Us, Minecraft, gambling, and chess. She also engages in group discussions with other streamers and sometimes cooks in her live streams. In addition, QT and Will Neff were briefly suspended from Twitch on June 4, 2021, after being reported by the followers of Adin Ross. Besides, she owns a dog named Swift and a cat named Ders.

Similarly, Gosu General is another Twitch streamer who has earned a lot of followers within a short time.

Began Dating Ludwig Ahgren in 2020

QTCindrella has collaborated with Ludwig often. Fans have been speculating if they are in a relationship since they collaborated on a video, Ludwig Goes on a Date with QTCindrella. Then, Lugwig responded to rumors that he was dating QTCinderella in May 2020 in a brief and direct Twitter post. The surprise disclosure caused admirers to have suspicions even as the tweet quickly rose to the top of the trends.

QTCinderella's Real Name
QTCinderella has been dating fellow streamer Ludwig since 2020. Image Source: Ludwig Ahgren Twitter.

Ludwig and QTCinderella agreed to meet for the first time in person after working together on a live stream several times. The beautiful streamer uploaded a vlog to her channel explaining the beautiful encounter with her partner. They clicked right away when the two humorously stood back to back to measure their heights. The clip was so popular with the viewers that Ludwig later posted a remake of the video on his channel.

The two content producers have worked together frequently over the years. They have displayed flirty chemistry on camera, notably in a video with the literal title Ludwig Goes on a Date with QTCinderella. In late 2020, the American YouTuber published a surprise Christmas album, A Very Mogul Christmas, for his followers and invited his girlfriend along for the journey.

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Is QTCinderella Getting Married?

Blaire, which is QTCinderella’s real name, currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with her partner Ludwig Ahgren. They do almost everything together and appear to be deeply intertwined with one another. As a result, many admirers worldwide are eager to learn if the streaming couple intends to wed soon.

However, QT and her boyfriend have never shared anything regarding this matter. The fans have seen how frequently they have stood up for one another in every circumstance. Ludwig maintains a low level of privacy on social media. Even so, it tells much about how committed and secure his relationship is that he could disclose his love life in such a direct manner.

QT and Ludwig have been together since they started dating in the summer of 2020. However, despite being upfront, it appears that the beautiful YouTuber still faces competition. The 28-year-old claims that other women in the streaming industry attempt to slide into her man’s DMs regardless of him already being taken. QT even criticized other female streamers for peeking at her boyfriend.

Found Herself In Deepfakes

QTCinderella has recently expressed her anger with the flaws of the American judicial system. She was unable to locate a lawyer to represent her in a lawsuit against the operator of a website that released deep fake porn movies. In an emotional Livestream, she had pledged to bring legal action against the porn website posting the deepfakes.

A viral video from fellow broadcaster Atrioc revealed that fake porn featuring the faces of QTCinderella and other female Twitch stars was accessible online. Atrioc later apologized for the act. In the wake of this incident, he quit uploading content and promised to pay the legal costs of anyone suing such pornographic websites.

In a nutshell, We hope that the streaming couple is enjoying their love lives, and we look forward to learning more about their bond and future goals. We wish QTCinderella and her boyfriend, Ludwig Ahgren, all the best.

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