An Analysis of Brandon ‘Atrioc’s’ Deep Fake Controversy And Its Impact On Valkyrae’s Twitch Channel

An Analysis of Brandon ‘Atrioc’s’ Deep Fake Controversy And Its Impact On Valkyrae’s Twitch Channel

Atrioc apologized on stream with his wife regarding the deepfakes controversy. Image Source: xQc YouTube.

Atrioc, a twitch streamer and former social media executive, revealed that he is leaving content creation and his position as co-founder of OFFBRAND after a recent controversy. You might be wondering what Atrioc’s Twitch scandal is about.

Atrioc, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber based in California, USA, is primarily recognized for his Just Chatting streams, Hitman speedrunning, and group gaming activities. Brandon Atrioc’s twitch scandal controversy has made headlines across social media. So, let’s dig further into it.

Who Is Brandon Ewing, Aka Atrioc?

Atrioc was born Brandon Ewing in the United States on April 19, 1991. In 2013, he received a Bachelor of Science in marketing degree from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Brandon was hired by Twitch in February 2014 as a Content Marketing Coordinator after acquiring some job experience in the e-sports and entertainment industries. The majority of his content is made up of gaming and Just Chatting. From September 2015 to December 2017, he worked as a Content Marketing Manager.

Brandon engages with his viewers and creates content on Twitch, which is later edited into videos for his YouTube channel that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. In addition, he plays and live broadcasts several games like League of Legends, Super Monkey Ball 2, Fall Guys, and all three of the Hitman trilogy’s World of Assassination. One of Atrioc’s most beloved video game franchises has proven to be the Hitman series. He streams the show on Twitch while frequently dressed as a clown and accomplishing various tasks.

Atrioc’s most well-liked weekly series is Marketing Monday, in which he creates live presentations on various marketing-related themes for his audience. Moreover, he responds to and comments on online information in the more current series, Get Smarter Saturday, which is shown every Saturday.

Similarly, Tucker Boner is another Twitch streamer who has earned a lot of popularity through streaming.

Brandon Atrioc’s Twitch Sandal

Atrioc unintentionally alt-tabbed to a Fan-Topia page with graphic AI porn, including deepfakes of Twitch female streamers like Pokimane and Maya while playing Hitman. Given that the Fan-Topia page requires payment to view, it is presumed that Atrioc paid the proprietor of the AI streamer deepfake porn.

After the r/LivestreamFails Reddit thread went popular, Atrioc apologized live on stream with his wife, Arianna Ewing, saying he had clicked an ad in PornHub and had paid to view the photographs out of morbid interest. Additionally, the American streamer stated that he would reveal the Fan-Topia page’s receipt. Reddit administrators removed the subreddit post because it dealt with a delicate subject like Brandon Atrioc’s twitch scandal.

The problematic action prompted a wide range of responses from the streaming community. One of the many streamers that spoke out against this kind of adult content was Valkyrae. QTCinderella, another streamer, used the online to express her opinions. The streamer lost it after discovering deepfakes exist and seeing it on Atrioc’s webcast. She added that she wanted to sue the individual who produced it.

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Atrioc’s Twitch Scandal’s Impact On Valkyrae’s Twitch Channel

Valkyrae, a popular Twitch streamer, shared her viewpoint on the latest scandal on Twitter a day after Atrioc became engaged in the serious dispute. Rachell Hofstetter, known as Valkyrae, posted a damning comment on her social media following the deepfakes issue. There have already been numerous responses to Valkyrae’s tweet.

Brandon 'Atriocs' twitch scandal
Twitch streamer Valkyrae spoke against Atrioc’s Twitch scandal through Twitter. Image Source: Valkyrae Twitter.

Besides, the Twitch streamer’s channel has also been affected by her Tweet regarding the scandal. She has encouraged everyone, including her Twitch viewers, to avoid ridiculous things like deepfakes porn. In addition, Valkyrae delivered a powerful, honest argument against such vulgarity, which offends and degrades many female celebrities. Numerous individuals worldwide, including her Twitch streaming fans, have applauded her for her optimistic outlook.

In conclusion, Atrioc has vowed never to repeat the same incident. But it depends on how the public well received his apology. We wish the Twitch streamer success in the future and hope he has changed for good.

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