From Zero to Zy0xxx: The Streamer’s Journey to Success

From Zero to Zy0xxx: The Streamer’s Journey to Success

Twitch Streamer Zy0xxx. Image Source: Social Media.

If you are a fan of the ever-popular game Genshin Impact, you must have heard of YouTube and Twitch streamer Zy0xxx. The YouTube star is one of the most popular content creators out there. 

Genshin Impact has been out for just three years, and during that time, only a select few people have been able to become household names. So, today let’s learn about the popular YouTuber Zy0xxx.

Genshin Impact Royalty

Zy0xxx, born on August 15, 2000, is a Canadian Genshin Impact YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster best known for creating comprehensive Genshin Impact guides on YouTube. He also does account evaluations, artifact analysis, and displays or challenges in Genshin Impact.

To the average person, Zy0x might seem like any other person, but in the Genshin world, he is practically royalty. Whenever players need information about any topic in Genshin, they first check if Zy0xxx has a video on it or not.

If there is a Zy0xxx video, then they rest assure, knowing Zy0xxx has covered everything they need to know in his video.

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Twitch Streamer Zy0xxx’s Content

Zy0xxx primarily creates helpful YouTube guides, notably for Genshin Impact characters, recommending optimal builds, playstyles, and artifacts. Zy0xxx also examines new Genshin Impact content, notably artifacts.

The Twitch streamer occasionally does account reviews and frequently “roasts” other people’s Genshin Impact accounts. He also does demonstrations and challenges with specific personalities.

Zy0xx also has a Twitch stream showcasing his gameplay in real time. His second channel, 2y0x, is a collection of clips from his Twitch streams in general.

The YouTuber’s first YouTube video, released in October 2020, detailed the Viridescent Hunt on Genshin Impact. Since then, he has come a long way, gathering respect among his peers and a boatload of fans.

YouTube: The Platform Where He Initially Started From

Zy0xxx’s YouTube instructions and analysis videos are done peacefully, collected, elegantly, and with tranquility. This contrasts his previous YouTube content and Twitch streams, where he has a boisterous, loud, and chaotic demeanor.

The amount of data Zy0xxx fits in his video is truly a wonder. The streamer deep dives into the topic and provides the viewers with all the necessary information they will ever need.

Zy0xxx’s personality is a huge plus point as he is very lovable and interacts with his fanbase a lot, so people always tune in to his stream. While we are on the topic of Twitch streamers, check out our article on another popular streamer, Kyedae.

On YouTube, he has over 1.8 million views on a video about creating support characters, weapons, and teams in the game. His YouTube account has more than 137 million subscribers.

Zy0xxx’s most popular videos show him receiving money from strangers online. It has received over a million views.

Trivia and Facts

  • Zy0xxx is also known as Zyonix at times. This was because his co-host incorrectly referred to him as Zyonix while conducting a Genshin Impact event.
  • Variations of Mr. Socks, or Zocks, are also used to refer to Zy0xxx. This is because another YouTuber incorrectly referred to him as Zocks, which morphed into Socks as a meme.
  • Twitch streamer Zy0xxx is well known for aggressively ogling Alhaitham, a game character, as well as being a “notorious Xiao proponent.” Zy0xxx has also been recorded to claim Xiao is his husband.
  • Zy0xxx has yet to reveal his real name to his many followers.
Published On: April 12, 2023

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