5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ali Hewson’s Relationship with Bono

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ali Hewson’s Relationship with Bono

Ali Hewson and Bono's Relationship. Image Source: Social Media.

Love is in the air. Ali Hewson and Bono have a long-standing and well-known relationship. Bono, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, is the lead singer for the popular Irish rock band U2. At the same time, Ali is a prominent human rights activist. As this Irish power couple celebrates their ongoing romance, learn more about Bono’s wife.

Ali Hewson’s relationship with Bono has stood the test of time, and they continue to be a powerful force in both the music industry and their efforts to create positive change in the world. So we are here to tell you 5 facts you need to learn about Bono and Ali Hewson’s relationship.

5. Smitten at an Early Age

Ali Hewson and Bono’s love story began when they were just teenagers. They met in high school and started dating when Ali was just 15 years old. The couple has been together ever since, making their relationship one of the longest-lasting in the music industry.


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Ali Hewson and Bono grew up together in DublinIreland. Despite the challenges of maintaining a relationship while Bono’s band U2 was becoming more successful and famous, they managed to stay together and married in August 1982. The lovers’ long-standing relationship is a testament to their deep affection and commitment to each other.

4. A Big, Happy, Famous Family

The rockstar couple has been married for over 40 years and has four children together. Their eldest daughter, Jordan Hewson, is a tech entrepreneur. She has also managed to land herself on Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 list.  The couple’s first son and third child, Elijah Hewson, is a musician who has performed with his father and other artists. 

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The pair’s second child, Memphis Eve Hewson, is a model and actress and has starred in a few TV shows. Most recently, she wowed audiences as the lead in Netflix hit, Behind Her Eyes. And their youngest child, John Abraham, is the only one of their children who has stayed out of the public eye.

3. Ali Hewson’s Relationship with Bono and Their Love for Humanity

Ali and Bono are well-known for their philanthropic work and activism. In 2004, they founded the non-profit organization the ONE Campaign, which advocates for global poverty reduction and disease prevention. The organization has been instrumental in raising awareness about issues such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and maternal and child health. 

Ali and Bono have also been involved in other charitable causes, including the fight against human trafficking and the promotion of sustainable development. Not only him but Bono’s wife of many years has also been involved in numerous welfare causes.

On a side note, Bono’s wife once participated in Greenpeace demonstrations against the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing complex. She was particularly opposed to the opening of the Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant component. In addition, she developed an interest in the 1986 Chornobyl nuclear tragedy due to her engagement.

Chornobyl Children’s Project International, an organization Roche created and oversees that works with kids, families, and communities who Chornobyl still impacts, has had Ali as a patron since 1994.

2. An Interest in the Rag Trade

Ali is a successful businesswoman with an ethical clothing line called “Edun.” The brand was founded in 2005 and aimed to promote sustainable fashion by using environmentally-friendly materials and supporting fair labor practices. Celebrities such as Emma Watson have worn the clothing line. 

The worldwide fashion business was founded in 2005 by the U2 frontman and his wife, Ali Hewson, with the goal of bringing about good change through its trade ties with Africa and positioning itself as a creative force in modern fashion.

1. Bono Has Dedicated Few Songs To Her

Bono and Ali Hewson’s relationship is known for its romantic and sentimental aspects. Bono has written numerous songs about his wife, including “Sweetest Thing,” originally written as an apology for forgetting her birthday. 

Bono has also published several books where he speaks passionately on how he has utilized his celebrity as a platform to advocate zealously on a variety of global problems and why these topics, which include the IRA ceasefire, Third World debt, and, most recently, Africa’s expanding AIDS catastrophe, are so essential to each of us.

Bono on Bono” is Bono’s narrative, in his own words, intimate, hilarious, and fiercely opinionated. It will intrigue and challenge both U2 enthusiasts and mainstream readers.

Bono and Ali Hewson's Relationship
Bono and Ali Hewson’s Relationship. Image Source: Social Media.

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Ali Hewson’s marriage with Bono seems picked from a fairytale. Indeed they seem like a match made in heaven. We are in awe of their commitment to one another and wish the happy couple the best of luck.

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