A Love Story: Get to Know Mark Hennig’s Wife Rosemary

If you are familiar with horse racing, you will have heard of Mark Hennig. The sensational horse racer has won multiple awards during his tenure and has a reasonably successful stable.

But only a little is known about Mark Hennig’s Wife, Rosemary Hennig. So let’s get to know the couple a little bit more.

Who is Mark Hennig

Mark Hennig grew up in Ohio, helping his trainer father, John Hennig, with barn chores and ponying. He attended State while still working in trainer Neil Howard’s stable, but he dropped out after two and a half years to work full-time at his father’s barn.

After stints with Hall of Fame trainers Jack Van Berg and D. Wayne Lukas, Hennig broke out on his own in 1992, winning his first stakes race on Jan. 1, 1993, and finishing in the top ten trainers in terms of money earned that year.

The famous jockey has had 26 straight years of over $1 million in prizes since establishing his stable 26 years ago. Hennig’s horses have won over 100 graded stakes and earned over $70 million. Mark has maintained his success at the top level of racing with the assistance of his wife, Rosemary.

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Mark Hennig’s Wife Rosemary: The Love of His Life

Mark does not have enough words to express how grateful he is to have a wife like Rosemary. He describes her as the reason to wake up and be better. A soulmate, a partner, and an exemplary mother, Rosemary Hennig, can do it all. A  love story written by the angels themselves, their love gives us butterflies.

Mark Hennig's Wife Rosemary
Mark Hennig’s Wife Rosemary. Image Source: Social Media

As a retired rider, her love for horses is shown in her work. A knack for bonding with horses in an instant has made her husband’s life easier on his stable. The proud husband even credits his kids’ success to Rosemary’s support and guidance.

Rosemary : A Super Human?

Rosemary is a very accomplished rider, dedicating all her spare time to tending the horses and stable duties. She switched her abilities to the ground after retiring from riding and has acquired a keen eye for horses at yearling and 2-year-old sales. The former rider also does most of the bookkeeping duties using her vast years of knowledge and experience.

Mark has said that his superhuman wife understands how to be helpful while yet contributing vital information. The couple spends nearly all their time together, and they prefer it that way!

He wishes everyone could be as lucky as he is! Talk about cute. Aww!

The Couple’s Biggest Strength: Their Family

Considering the things the woman manages to do, it’s a surprise how she manages to spare time for her family. She proudly posts the achievements of her children and her horses on her social media. Her daughter, Brooke Badgett Canney, recounts growing up in the horse racing industry and traveling together has brought the family closer together. Whether it was the winters in Florida, spring on Long Island, or summers at Saratoga , Brooke will forever cherish the beautiful family moments.

Rosemary is equally loving and emotional too. When she lost her dog, Levy, she was devastated and shared her sorrow on twitter. You might also like to read about the couple fighting horse abuse, Nick and Kim Zito.

She further says that some of her most unforgettable experiences were while she was still in diapers when she spent early mornings in the shed row and was ridden on the barn pony. Mark Hennig’s Wife, Rosemary, has mastered the art of running a business and a family hand in hand, and her family couldn’t have been more appreciative.

Published On: April 7, 2023

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