What Do We Know About Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes?

What Do We Know About Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes?

Amanda Bynes' Brother Tommy Bynes. Image Credit: Instagram.

Do you believe that siblings are best friends for life? Well, opinions served, and wines opened. Let’s celebrate today’s discussion with one of such well-known celebrity’s brothers.

Opening the discussion podium to Amanda Bynes‘ Brother Tommy Bynes.” Let’s proceed, shall we?

Facts About Amanda Bynes

  • Amanda Bynes, 37, is a former Hollywood actress whose expertise is widely recognized.
  • Bynes is the daughter of Mom Lynn Bynes and Dad Rick Bynes, and is the youngest of 3 siblings. Amanda Bynes’ brother Tommy Bynes, is her only brother, and her sister is Jilian Bynes.
  • Amanda satchel to a promising career painting her breakthrough canvas from her nickelodeon series “The Amanda Show.” spraying follicles of her comedic knack.
  • Alongside the acting arena, the actress has plunged into the aperture of fashion design, launching her clothing line “Dear” in 2007.
  • Throughout her career in the movies, she has been nominated for several awards thanks to her spectacular relish in the cosmos of acting.
  • Not to miss even from a fragile mark, Amanda was named one of Teen Peoples “25 Hottest Stars Under 25” in 2006.

Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes: What Discussion Can We Lather Up?

Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes was born on the 5th of December 1973. He is a certified chiropractor with magical hands that break cavitation and release patients’ muscular stresses.

Hailing from a medical upbringing, Tommy swung on the same platter as a chiropractor while his father was a retired dentist and his mother was an office manager. Like Alan Ricthson‘s brothers, who took different career paths, Bynes’ brother took the medical field as his profession.

Amanda Bynes' Brother Tommy Bynes
Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes. Image Credit: Instagram.

Besides the white collar job, Bynes also chipped interest in comedy as a performer in a comedy club and dramatic productions at Thousand Oaks High School.

Tommy Bynes, and Amanda share a considerable age gap of almost 13 years. Despite the siblings chaining typical sibling bonds in the beginning, the rear days were witnessed by rainy clouds and feebleness in the bond.

The reason?, you might ask! Well, stay tuned to learn the reason, as it is stated below.

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Tommy’s Professional Image: How Does The Chiropractor Perceive Life?

Worshipping his father’s footsteps with garlands and scented candles, Tommy pursued a career as a Chiropractor. He devoted his life to helping people through his skill in medical expertise.

Some Of Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes basket of offerings include nutritional counseling, trigger point muscle pain therapy, dieting advice, and chiropractic for pregnancy and kids.

What other influencing activities does Tommy schedule his knowledge into? Besides cracking the joints, the man emphasizes imparting the cumulated knowledge.

Amanda Bynes' Brother Tommy Bynes
Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes. Image Credit; Instagram.

The Chiropractor has published a noble book titled “Sinner to Thinner, ” a diet and wellness book centering on the efficacies of a healthy existence.

To summarize this book with more glitters, these writings leverage a blueprint for individuals about “fitness” and “nutrition” at the primary level.

Tommy Bynes, even encourages individuals to attend his classes by rewarding incentives and prizes; clever move. For example, in one of his lectures, the grand prize was an autographed copy of the movie “Hairspray” signed by his celebrity sister.

Tommy Brynes Relationship With Amanda

Initially, as Amanda commenced her acting career, Toimmy catered to significant arrows of support for her uprising career. Tommy praised and highlighted his sister’s star quality, stating that despite her acclaimed fame, she still organizes an ordinary life.

Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes, and Amanda previously relished a heavenly bond despite the 13-year-old age barrier before complexities kicked in.

Amanda Bynes' Brother Tommy Bynes
Amanda Bynes’ Brother Tommy Bynes. Image Credit: Instagram.

However, according to reports, as Amanda gushed in trauma slithering with mental health problems, she gradually dimmed her contact with Tommy.

When Amanda falsely accused her Dad of being abusive towards her, Tommy denied her victim card, prosecuting her claim as a hoax and comprising no truth whatsoever.

We wish Amanda Bynes and brother Tommy Bynes kudos for his noble works, and may his lectures and programs reach millions of audiences! Signing off!


Q: Does Amanda Bynes have other brothers?

A: No, Amanda’s Only brother is Tommy

Q: Is Amanda Bynes diagnosed?

A:  she suffered from substance abuse and has received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Q: How old is Tommt Bynes

A: He is 50 years old.

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