Meet Alan Ritchson Brothers: Facts About Celebrity Siblings

Meet Alan Ritchson Brothers: Facts About Celebrity Siblings

Alan Ritchson Brothers. Image Credit: Facebook.

Have you watched season two of Amazon Prime’s Reacher? The show’s lead, Alan Ritchson, gave a terrific performance, and his chemistry with other casts is equally entertaining.

But unlike the actor, Alan Ritchson brothers have taken up utterly different career paths. So, today, we will be discussing the actor’s relationship with his siblings.

Quick Facts About Alan Ritchson

  • Born as Alan Michael Ritchson on November 28, 1982, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, he is the middle of three children.
  • Alan began his acting career in 2005 with minor roles in television. He first gained recognition after appearing in the role of Aquaman in Smallville.
  • Further, he appeared in the lead role of Kevin Thad Castle in Blue Mountain State. Alan reprised his Thad Castle role in the feature movie Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland.
  • Since 2022, Ritchson has been appearing as Jack Reacher on Amazon’s Reacher. The show is currently one of the most beloved TV shows.
  •  Alan Ritchson appeared as Ed Schmitt in the drama movie Ordinary Angels, released on February 22, 2024.

Who Are Alan Ritchson Brothers?

Alan Ritchson has two brothers named Eric and Brian Ritchson. All three siblings graduated from Niceville Senior High School, located in Florida.

Their parents, David Ritchson and Vickie Ritchson, eventually settled in Niceville before moving to Illinois. Dave is a retired US Air Force chief sergeant, while Vickie is a former high school teacher.

Alan Ritchson Brothers
Alan Ritchson Brothers. Image Credit: Facebook.

Talking about Alan Ritchson brothers, they took on different career choices. Meanwhile, Alan embarked on a professional acting career. However, we can’t deny the fact that the siblings are equally successful in their personal lives.

Who Is Eric Ritchson? What Does He Do?

The oldest of three, Eric Ritchson, graduated from Niceville Senior High School in 1999. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from Florida State University.

Similarly, he earned a Master’s degree in the same field from Purdue University. Afterward, he worked in various engineering and operational management roles for years. Eric is currently the director of facilities and Operations at Pizza Port Brewing.

Alan Ritchson Brothers
Alan Ritchson Brothers. Image Credit: Facebook.

Eric Ritchson has been married to Crystal Ritchson since August 25, 2012. His wife is a photographer who runs a photography service website. Additionally, the couple shares two sons.

Despite having hectic schedules, both Eric and Crystal manage their time to spend holidays and vacations with their families. Moreover, Alan Ritchson brothers have a special bond.

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Who Is Brian Ritchson? Know His Profession

Now, let’s talk about Alan and Eric’s youngest brother, Brian Ritchson. He has years of experience working in software development and data analysis. Brian graduated with a Computer Science degree from Florida State University in 2010.

Alan Ritchson Brothers
Alan Ritchson Brothers. Image Credit: Facebook.

Since 2015, Brian has been working at a multinational company, Atkins. He joined the company first as an Intelligent Transportation Systems analyst. Since 2019, he has been working as Atkins’ senior software developer.

Like his older brothers, Brian is also a married man. He has been married to his wife since 2014. However, Brian hasn’t revealed his personal details. Meanwhile, Alan Ritchson is married to his wife, Catherine Ritchson, and they share three children.

Despite working in different fields, the Ritchson brothers are close to each other. The family often spends quality time together whenever they get a chance.


Q: How many siblings does Alan Ritchson have?

A: Alan has two siblings: brothers Eric and Brian.

Q: What is Eric and Brian Ritchson’s profession?

A: Eric, a chemical engineering graduate, works at Pizza Port Brewing. Meanwhile, Brian works as a senior software developer.

Q: Are Alan Ritchson’s brothers married?

A: Yes, all three Ritchson brothers are married.

Published On: December 25, 2023

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