Who Is Alan Ritchson Father? Know About The Celebrity Parent

Alan Ritchson is on cloud nine after the second season of Reacher has been crowned number one by the fans. In the show, Alan is a perfect cast as the 6 feet 5 inches ruthless former military man.

Coming from a military family, Alan Ritchson father, an Army veteran himself, supported his son’s dream of becoming an actor. In this article, we will dive into the details of the celebrity father.

Rise of Alan Ritchson: From Thad Castle To Jack Reacher

  • Born as Alan Michael Ritchson on November 28, 1982, he grew up with two brothers named Brian Ritchson and Eric Ritchson.
  • Alan Ritchson was born to parents David Ritchson and Vickie Ritchson.
  • From an early age, Alan was interested in singing. He even got a full music scholarship but later dropped out because of his other interests.
  • Ritchson began acting in 2005 in smaller roles on TV and in movies. He appeared in the lead role of Thad Castle in the 2016 movie Blue Mountain State.
  • Since 2022, Alan Ritchson’s performance on the Amazon Prime series, Reacher has been earning positive reviews and accolades.

Who Is Alan Ritchson Father? Know About The Celebrity Parent

David ‘Dave’ Ritchson was born on June 5, 1956. Being an army person himself, he instilled the values of hard work and discipline in his children. After retiring from the Air Force, Dave is living a happy life with his family in Niceville.

Alan Ritchson father
Alan Ritchson father. Image Credit: Facebook.

Best known as Alan Ritchson father, Dave is a retired United States Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. Similarly, he worked as the Workforce Development Coordinator.

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Dave had to station in multiple states due to his profession. Therefore, Alan and his brothers adapted to new neighborhoods every few years.

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Dave Ritchson Wife and Children: Alan Ricthson’s Siblings

Alan Ritchson’s mother, Vickie Ritchson, was born on June 21, 1958. She and her husband provided a nurturing environment to their sons.

While Dave served in the military, his wife Vickie worked as a high school teacher. The couple, after settling in Niceville, Florida raised their children.

Alan Ritchson father
Alan Ritchson father. Image Credit: Facebook.

Dave and Vickie’s two other sons are equally successful in their respective careers. Unline Alan, they chose different professions.

Brian is an expert in software development and data analysis. Since 2015, he has been working at Atkins as a senior software developer. Meanwhile, Eric is a chemical engineer, having earned a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University.

While Alan’s parents have been supportive and caring, what can we learn from the parenting of Tanaya Beatty’s Parents?

Son Alan Reaching Greater Heights: Sucess With Reacher

You might know why fans were upset about Tom Cruise‘s Jack Reacher movies. Despite a box-office hit and a spectacular performance by Tom, the movie was supposed to show a physically intimidating lead.

Alan Ritchson father
Alan Ritchson father. Image Credit: Facebook.

Now, Amazon Prime’s Reacher has the perfect leading man in its titular role. But did you know Alan Ricthson is somehow similar to his character?

As mentioned, Alan’s father is a former USAF chief sergeant. Therefore, the actor has experience with the nomadic element of Reacher’s life. Currently, Reacher has been receiving overwhelming response from both critics and audiences alike.

We wish Alan Ritchson and his family all the best for their future endeavors.


Q: Who is Alan Ritchson’s father?

A: Alan Ritchson’s father is David ‘Dave’ Ritchson.

Q: Who is Alan Ritchson’s mother?

A: Alan Ritchson’s mother is Vickie Ritchson.

Q: Who are Alan Ritchson’s brothers?

A: Alan has two brothers named Eric and Brian Ritchson.

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