A Look into Ismael Cruz Cordova’s Parents and Their Impact on His Life

A Look into Ismael Cruz Cordova’s Parents and Their Impact on His Life

Ismael Cruz Cordova's parents. Image Source: Facebook.

If you have been keeping up with the latest TV series, you may have heard about The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerIsmael Cruz Cordova starred as the main character, Arondir, in the series.

Because of his humble persona, fans are interested in knowing about Ismael Cruz Cordova’s parents. So, let’s know about them and how they have been providing unwithering support to him.

Brief Details on Cordova’s Upbringing

  • Ismael is a well-known actor, born on April 7, 1987, in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico.
  • The actor was brought up in Agua Buenas, Puerto Rico, where he completed his education, from primary to higher education.
  • The LOTR star grew up poor, surrounded by a challenging environment, living in houses with dirt floors and working as a child.
  • Cordova was also carrying out activities that included acting in small advertisements side by side.
  • While pursuing his higher education, Ismael also joined a drama club, which may have contributed to his current success as an actor.
  • Later in 2006, Cordova moved to New York City to carry on with his dream of acting, where he ended up studying at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Meet Ismael Cruz Cordova’s Parents

Ismael was welcomed by his father, Ismael Cruz Rivera, and his mother, Maritza Cordova. He is one of the three children of his parents.

The actor grew up alongside his sisters, De Delgado-Cordova and Carmen Delgado-Cordova. The Cordova siblings share an incredible bond and might have had good times growing up.

The family of five is closely knitted. The actor often shares family pictures, and it is evident that Ismael Cruz Cordova’s folks have raised all of them right.

Similarly, you may want to know what his family is doing to preserve Laz Barrera’s legacy.

Several Hardships While Growing Up

As mentioned earlier, the actor grew up in a poor household and had to go through several hurdles as a child. However, the family’s status was not the only obstacle the actor had to tackle.

It might come as a surprising fact about him, but Ismael Cruz-Cordova’s parents were not supportive initially. He was raised believing that one could get the ticket to success if only one were a doctor or a lawyer.

So, with determination to become a pediatrician, Cordova poured himself into mathematics and science courses. But he did not let his first love, acting, die.

Then, slowly Ismael began skipping school to attend auditions, which took two hours to reach by bus. He kept all of these a secret from his family.

Ismael Cruz Cordova's Parents
Ismael Cruz Cordova’s Parents. Image Source: Instagram.

After landing a role in Stray Bullet, the talented actor decided to talk about the audition with his father. In response, Ismael Cruz Cordova’s dad wanted him to meet a physiologist to convince him to stop acting.

Maybe because of their financial status, Ismael Cruz Cordova’s parents were unwilling to take on the risk of encouraging their child to follow his dream. However, as he started doing good in this sector, they started to support him.

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Struggling Towards Success

As mentioned above, Ismael Cruz Cordova has had a very rough childhood. Due to his low-income family’s economic condition, he had only one option: work and study simultaneously.

So, while studying in elementary school, Cruz had already started to earn money to compensate for his tuition fee. After striving to make his dream a reality, he finally had the opportunity to play in the drama The Good Wife, which Sesame Street and Ray Donovan then followed.

Then later on, the handsome actor appeared in numerous films and series, such as Settlers, The UndoingThe Mandalorian, and many more. Yet, despite the experience, Cruz was rejected not just once but twice in the audition for The Lord of The Ring project.

But that didn’t stop Ismael from trying again, and with multiple attempts, he was able to secure the role of Arondir in The Lord of The Ring series. In the same year, he also starred in an episode of a series called Cabinets of Secrets as Frank.

Although Ismael Cruz Cordova’s mom and dad were initially skeptical, they now support him wholeheartedly. We hope he continues making them proud.

Likewise, Ismael has been a source of aspiration for all the upcoming actors, proving that everything is achievable with hard work. Therefore, we hope Ismael Cruz Cordova has further success and prosperity.

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