Meet the Talented Jony Ive’s Wife Heather Pegg Ive

Meet the Talented Jony Ive’s Wife Heather Pegg Ive

Jony Ive's wife Heather Pegg Ive is supportive of his career. Image Source: missbigelow Instagram.

Sir Jonathan Paul Ive is an English industrial and product designer and a successful businessman. Born on 27 February 1967 in Chingford, London, England, Ive is a loving husband. There’s one person who has been by his side no matter what, and that is Jony Ive‘s wife Heather Pegg Ive.

Ive, who currently serves as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art, was Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple Inc. from 1997 to 2019. Married since 1987, he and his wife have kept their marriage private. So, many people are curious about Jony Ive’s spouse, Heather Pegg Ive, and what she does. So, keep reading this article to uncover interesting details about the pair.

Who is Jony Ive’s Wife Heather Pegg Ive?

Heather was born Heather Pegg and raised in the UK. She was nurtured in a loving and caring home, and her dad was a local school inspector. Sadly, not much has been revealed about her mom and childhood. Besides, Pegg attended Stafford-based Walton High School and eventually graduated from there.

Moreover, Jony Ive’s wife Heather Pegg Ive is a writer and historian. Heather’s spouse describes her as a very creative individual who works hard. The celebrity spouse leads a private life away from the spotlight. However, she does appear alongside her husband, Jony, at several business conferences and fairs.

On the contrary, Heather Ive Pegg’s husband, Jony, started working for Apple in September 1992. Once co-founder Steve Jobs returned to the firm in the late 1990s, he was promoted to senior vice president of industrial design and CDO in 2015. His inventions and patents have earned him a variety of honors and awards.

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The Marital Life of Jony and Heather

The couple first encountered each other when they both were students at Walton High School. Their friendship turned into love, and the couple started dating shortly after. The duo eventually walked down the aisle in August 1987 at a private ceremony accompanied by their close friends and family.

When the lovebirds tied the knot, Jony Ive’s spouse was studying English literature at Newcastle University. Since then, the pair have been together for 36 years, holding each other’s hands and showing no signs of marital troubles.

Jony Ive's Wife Heather Pegg Ive
Popular product designer Jony Ive and his wife, Heather Pegg Ive tied the knot in 1987. Image Source: The Wall Street Journal Facebook.

Most husbands and wives believe in sharing everything and keeping no secrets. But this did not work out completely in the case of Heather and Jony. When the latter worked in an Apple design studio, he did not even tell his wife what he was working on there because he was not allowed to.

Talking about his experience of working in an Apple design studio, Jony revealed that only a small team in the studio has access to all the equipment, materials, and tools required to create products that do not yet exist. It is where a small group of people works, and besides those group members, other Apple employees are not allowed either.

Share Two Adorable Children

Besides, Jony Ive’s wife Heather Pegg Ive is not just a devoted and dedicated wife but also a kind and caring mother. She is a doting mom of Jony Ive’s twin sons, Charlie Ive and Harry Ive. Her baby boys seem quite reserved in nature and prefer to stay away from the limelight.

Nonetheless, the Ive family resides in the Pacific Heights section of San Francisco, California. The couple bought their house in 2012 for $17 million. We hope that the Ive boys are doing well and we get to know about their careers in the future.

Similarly, Roy Black is another popular personality who has been married to his wife, Lea Black, for a long time.

Lives A Low-Key Life

Details regarding Jony’s marriage have always been under the shadow, despite being a well-known product designer and a successful businessman. In addition, Jony Ive’s wife Heather Pegg Ive is also a private person who wants to lead a quiet life.

Even though their marriage is low-key, Jony has frequently stated that he is deeply in love with his wife. He constantly expresses gratitude to Heather for her support throughout his life and attributes all his accomplishments to her.

Overall, the pair must be leading a comfortable life with their children. We wish Jony Ive and Heather Pegg Ive to have a joyful marriage and wish them nothing but the best in the years to come. We also hope the pair will share more information about their successful marriage in the future.

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