Who is HERENOW Skincare Founder Arina Feeney’s Husband? A Look Into Her Personal Life

Who is HERENOW Skincare Founder Arina Feeney’s Husband? A Look Into Her Personal Life

Arina Feeney's Husband. Image source: Instagram.

Arina Feeney, model and CEO of the skincare brand HERENOW has been the talk of the town in the beauty industry since her skincare brand climbed the path of success in these few years.

In this blog, we will discuss the entrepreneur’s support system, Arina Feeney’s husband, who has helped her reach this success. So are you ready to dive into this exciting content matter?

Meet Arina Feeney

  • For Arina, involvement in modeling was not a consequence of any decision in particular instead, entering the beauty industry happened organically as she was naturally drawn towards the profession since her teenage.
  • While working as a model and an entrepreneur, Feeney considers her attitude her biggest advantage. She loves what she is doing and is grateful for the opportunities she gets in her way. This attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness can be observed through her works.
  • Arina thinks the people in her business line are usually creative and innovative. So meeting amazing people through her business is one of the exciting parts of her job.
Arina Feeney's Husband
Arina Feeney’s Husband. Image source: Instagram.
  • The successful model not only focuses her time on her professional career but also emphasizes her personal life. She loves spending quality time with her friends and family.
  • Feeney takes mental health as a top priority. She thinks that self-loving and working on yourself is a necessity. She takes care of herself through yoga, meditation, spirituality, and connection with nature.

Biggest Supporter: Arina Feeney’s Husband

As the model and entrepreneur Arina Feeny has risen to popularity, many people want to know more details about her personal life, including her marital status and romantic relationships.

So, to clear out all the speculations about her romantic relationships, Arina has tied the knot with Francis Feeney and is living a happy married life.

The beautiful duo is tight-lipped to share any details about their relationship. However, Arina made her relationship public back in August 2016. 

It seems like the beautiful couple tied the knot around the mid of 2016.

Arina shares beautiful pictures on her social media, showing her love and affection for Francis. Over the years, her fans have witnessed how they loved each other and stayed together during hard times.

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More About Her Husband

Francis is a highly intellectual person. Arina Feeney’s husband completed his bachelor’s degree in banking and finance from Bangor University. Similarly, he completed his master’s in economics at the University of Cambridge.

Moreover, Arina Feeney’s spouse’s work is directly related to the education he had gained. He worked as a director for seven years at Barclays Investment Bank

Likewise, Fenney decided to leave his previous job and worked as a director for a year in Sumitomo Bank Capital Markets. 

Arina Feeney's Husband
Arina Feeney’s Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Later he joined III Capital Management and worked as a principal for 25 years from Jan 1998 to April 2023. Francis worked as the company’s head of investor relations and capital management.

After leaving his job this year, he is busy with his new venture, and the details regarding the venture have yet to be revealed. Moreover, getting married to such a famous person has influenced him to live more of a low-key life.

Family: Her Biggest Strength

Do you know that the fantastic entrepreneur and model is an amazing mom too? Yes, you heard it right. 

Arina gave birth to her daughter, Stella Grace Feeney, on June 11, 2017. Both Arina and Francis were so excited about the birth of their daughter and stepping into the new journey of their life.

However, the journey towards parenthood is not easy for both new parents as Stella was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis during newborn screening.

Cystic Fibrosis is a rare and genetic life-shortening disease that causes persistent and debilitating lung damage, limits the ability to breathe over time, and results in premature death.

Arina Feeney's Husband
Arina Feeney’s Husband. Image source: Instagram.

So Stella’s parents haven’t stopped their search for a cure and are fighting against the rare disease on behalf of their daughter.

They are supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to search for the cure for the disease and urging other people to support the foundation from all levels. This shows how the couple stays together and does their best to save their daughter.

Therefore, we hope that the foundation will find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and they can save many other people like Stella. Furthermore, we hope the family sticks with each other for a long time.

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