5 Things You Need To Know About Co-founder of Zeyl Beauty Niha Al-Amin: Two Sisters Guide To Success

When your passion is driven by enthusiasm and courage, success will come to you rather than the other way around. Niha Al-Amin, the founder of Zeyl Beauty, is the perfect example of this concept.

In this blog, we will learn how the entrepreneur has made a huge career leap by stepping into the beauty world and making herself a name as Zeyl Beauty co-founder Niha Al-Amin.

5. Love For Skincare: Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin

Niha started working while giving continuation to her academics. While completing her bachelor’s degree at the University Of Waterloo, she worked part-time as a skin care specialist in Saje Natural Wellness.

Furthermore, Niha worked as an assistant manager for a year in The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Niha increased her horizon to skincare through her managerial role as a store manager and assistant manager in Morphe.

The love and enthusiasm for skincare were evident in Niha very early; however, working with these brands, including Estée Lauder, Saje, Kiehl’s, and Morphe, refined her love for skincare.

These working platforms helped the beautician to hone the technique of healthy skin and how it can transform any makeup look. 

Moreover, Zeyl Beauty co-founder Niha Al-Amin aims to connect plants and people. 

Niha, therefore, gained more knowledge about the amazing advantages of earthy components and how they can treat different skin types and demands as a result of her professional experience.

4. Is Zeyl Beauty Founder A Foodie?

If you take a look at the social media of Niha Al-Amin, then you can know how much of a foodie she is. Half of her social media posts are about food.

Moreover, the foods look so tempting that you would definitely find your mouth watering just by looking at the photos. 

Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin.
Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin. image Source: Instagram.

Additionally, the beauty expert shares recipes for making those foods, so if you are craving that food, you can try to make it at home. Some of her best recipes include energy bites, cookie butter, and a salmon rice bowl.

Furthermore, Niha doesn’t only shares her recipes but actively posts about the restaurant foods she enjoys the most.

3. Some Lessons Are Meant to Be For Whole Life 

You must have encountered someone at some point in your life who taught you a valuable lesson that you continue to apply even in the most challenging situations.

Likewise, Zeyl Beauty Founder Niha Al-Amin also met someone who taught her the lifelong lesson of problem-solving and skills regarding prioritization.

While completing her education, Niha always struggled with the course material of legal statistics and was overdrawn by the extracurricular role as a resident advisor and sorority leader.

So, Niha’s legal statistics professor used his office hours to teach her prioritization skills and problem-solving.

Hence, Niha still uses those lessons in her business as well as her personal life. So, her professor is a savior to her college academics and professional career, and she is very thankful for that.

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2. Niha is Perfect For Any Role

Niha Al-Amin can be perfect if you are searching for brand endorsement and partnership content.

The way she promotes the brand doesn’t even look like a promotion, but it feels so natural and convincing that the advertisement could easily influence one.

Moreover, Zeyl Beauty co-founder Niha Al-Amin’s credibility and authenticity add extra attributes to her personal branding.

Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin.
Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin. image Source: Instagram.

The way Niha promotes products on her social media among her large fan following has definitely added extra value to the brand and her image.

Niha’s endorsement and partnership content includes most food brands like Good Protein and Mode Chocolate.

1. Expansion: New Ventures of Their Business

With the collaborative efforts and experience of Niha and her sister, Shanzey Al-Amin, they founded Zeyl Beauty, intending to transform the skin’s appearance to give a natural and radiant glow to the skin despite the skin type and age.

Both the company’s ventures, Bridal Glow and Glow To Bed, turned out to be successful, and they are being loved by women worldwide.

Moreover, the use of earthy elements, along with South Asian beauty secrets, makes Bridal Glow more credible and unique.

The Bridal Glow set is inspired by ‘Ubtan,’ which is commonly used in South Asian marriage ceremony and redefine its value of ancestral heritage and family traditions.

Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin
Zeyl Beauty Co-Founder Niha Al-Amin. Image Source: Instagram.

Futhermore, Glow to Bed is a night skincare where women can get healthy skin with optimal care while sleeping. 

Hence, the highly intuitive leader Niha has used her exceptional organizational skills to successfully create a brand with a far-sighted view and long-term impact.

Therefore, we hope that Zeyl Beauty continues to flourish in the beauty market and spread its reach through the incorporation of different ventures. Likewise, we wish Niha Al-Amin the best wishes to bring out unique products and rule the world with those quality products.

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