Who is Zeyl Beauty Founder Shanzey Al-Amin’s Husband? A Look Into Their Fairy Tale Love Story

Who is Zeyl Beauty Founder Shanzey Al-Amin’s Husband? A Look Into Their Fairy Tale Love Story

Shanzey Al-Amin's husband. Image Source: Instagram.

If you want to know what it’s like witnessing a testament that shows acceptance and growth and finds peace amidst chaos, then take an instance from the love life of Zeyl Beauty founder Shanzey Al-Amin.

In this article, we will give you a sneak peek into the entrepreneur’s personal life and share some exciting information about Shanzey Al-Amin’s husband. So, stick with us if you want to get all the details.

Some Interesting Facts About Shanzey Al-Amin And Her Business

  • Shanzey’s degree and expertise in the same industry were beneficial in turning her business idea into a reality. Her ten years of experience as a director for Anastasia Beverly Hills and her post-graduate degree in dermal science allowed her to create a profitable company.
  • The main objective of creating Zeyl Beauty was to craft products that give every woman healthy, glowing skin, regardless of skin color.
  • Working closely with Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, gave Shanzey exposure to her entrepreneurial spirit and journey. So, this close exposure helped her to know how to execute a thriving business by always persevering and being solution-oriented.
Shanzey Al-Amin's husband
Shanzey Al-Amin’s husband. Image source: Instagram.
  • Together with her sister, Niha Amin, they started their company during the lockdown. The reason Shanzey thought this was the most interesting element was that, as a result of COVID, they had to learn to change course and adapt by reducing their desired customization.
  • Moreover, every year during the bridal season, their bridal products are the talk of the town. Their products are the transformation of Ayurvedic remedies and South Asian beauty secrets into premium products. 

Love of Her Life: Shanzey Al-Amin’s Husband

After the successful execution of Zeyl Beauty, Shanzey has gained widespread recognition all over the world. Many people inquire about her personal life and show curiosity about her romantic relationships. 

Thus, the answer to the relevant question is that Shanzey exchanged vows with H.M.H.Ridawi Aazaad Danishmand on April 2019, and they are living happily as a married couple.

The beautiful couple met at York University, where both completed their bachelor’s degrees. Shanzey Al-Amin’s husband has shared different posts calling her homie and best friend.

So, analyzing the facts, it can be assumed that they both became friends and then lovers. After being in love for many years, they finally decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony.

Shanzey Al-Amin's husband
Shanzey Al-Amin’s husband. Image source: Instagram.

The beautiful duo frequently uploads pictures on Instagram that publicly display their romantic relationship as well as their happy times. 

Hence, it is pretty evident that both of them are building their connections to be strong every day and are happy to spend the rest of their lives together.

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More About Her Husband

Aazaad was born on July 4, 1988, in a poetic Ridawi family. His grandfather, Mawlana Nassem Amrohvi Danishmand, was an Urdu poet who had written many poetic statements.

Likewise, his poetic grandfather had a huge influence on him and his dad, Wassem Amrohvi Danishmand. Though Shanzey Al-Amin’s partner completed her bachelor’s degree in some mechanical field, he never forgets his poetic roots.

Shanzey Al-Amin's husband
Shanzey Al-Amin’s husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Shanzey Al-Amin’s lover writes many poetic statements and showcases his talent through Instagram and TikTok.

There is no proper information on what work Aazaad exactly does for a living, but he posted about a toolbox with screwdrivers and hammers and captioned it with work things.

Moreover, he seems to be a person with values and beliefs. Aazaad has posted about celebrating Eid, Halloween, and other festivals and showed enthusiasm for spending time with his family and friends.

Proud of His Wife

Sometimes it gets really tiring to focus on all the aspects of life as time is limited. So, when a person has a supportive partner, everything becomes more manageable and understandable.

Shanzey Al-Amin’s spouse understands her work and supports her in every possible way.

Azaad shares a cute post boasting about his wife, sharing how Shanzey is a master at everything she does and has the tendency to appear in magazines for her amazing work.

Even when the beautiful duo was in a relationship, Azaad showed his support for his girlfriend’s work, congratulating her on her promotion to area sales manager.

This clearly shows that Shanzey Al-Amin’s significant half is someone who is never jealous of her progress but is someone who will continuously motivate her to move forward in her journey of personal growth.

Hence, we wish them good luck for their upcoming life and hope that the love, respect, and care they have for each other will continuously bloom and never wither.

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