Transformative Skincare Zeyl Beauty’s Co founder Shanzey Al-Amin’s Net Worth

Transformative Skincare Zeyl Beauty’s Co founder Shanzey Al-Amin’s Net Worth

Shanzey Al-Amin's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

With their 15 years of expertise and utilization of carefully selected natural ingredients from Ayurvedic sources, Niha Al-Amin and Shanzey Al-Amin have established Zeyl Beauty.

Zeyl Beauty, a skincare brand based in Canada, crafts top-notch skin-effective and friendly products. So what is Shanzey Al-Amin’s net worth after the brand’s success? Keep reading to find out.

Getting to Know Shanzey

  • Shanzey is knowledgeable in medical aesthetics and dermal science, allowing her to understand how our skin can achieve optimal health.
  • She also has ten years of experience as the National Director for Anastasia Beverly Hills.
  • Working with Anastasia Soare taught Shanzey valuable lessons on entrepreneurship by consistently persevering and finding solutions.
  • Being sisters and first-generation immigrants, Shanzey Al-Amin and Niha Amin gained a strong admiration for natural remedies.
  • With 15 years of combined industry experience, Niha and Shanzey gained knowledge about skin health from all aspects.
  • This knowledge made the sisters skincare enthusiasts, thus creating the Zeyl Beauty brand.

Why Was Zeyl Beauty Necessary?

Zeyl Beauty is a luxurious skincare brand led by two female specialists, Shanzeyl and Niha. Their inspiration comes from South-Asian heritage, and their products feature premium plant-based ingredients.

The beauty company takes pride in providing an exceptional ‘all in one’ beautifying solution for all skin types through the launch of their new product called Glow Masque.

The Glow Masque addresses various skin issues, such as dryness, discoloration, or acne, with promising results.

The founders’ interest was initially piqued when they combined natural remedies with scientific research to enhance beauty services.

Shanzey Al-Amin's Net Worth
Shanzey Al-Amin’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

The sisters recognized nature’s therapeutic benefits on the skin. This passion drove them towards careers related to skincare solutions encompassing dermal science, medical aesthetics & makeup artistry concepts supporting natural treatments.

As experts in beauty care with a combined experience of 15 years, they understand the need for quality products made from natural ingredients that effectively enhance inner radiance and outer glow.

These factors served as the primary source of inspiration that prompted their collaboration, giving rise to an enterprise called Zeyl Beauty.

Unravelling Shanzey Al-Amin’s Net Worth

Although the business personality has chosen not to disclose her earnings, we can estimate that she is generating a substantial income due to their multiple lucrative ventures in various sectors.

It is evident that Shanzey, an exemplary executive leader with a remarkable history of enhancing and advancing processes in her company, has set herself as a paradigm for many aspiring individuals who wish to follow in her footsteps.

Despite having modest origins and facing numerous challenges, Shanzey achieved great triumphs through sheer determination and hard work, which led her to acquire one of the most prominent positions at a renowned corporation.

From the success of Zeyl, we can assume that Shanzey Al-Amin’s net worth could be very high, along with her sister’s.

The success story of Shanzey and her sister Niha serves as inspiration for young professionals seeking growth opportunities, especially women.

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Lifestyle and Assets

The entrepreneur is probably living a comfortable life thanks to Shanzey Al-Amin’s fortune of a commendable sum. However, although Zeyl Beauty has gained popularity, she remains tight-lipped about her net worth.

On her social media account, Shanzey is very public and shares most of her daily activities with her fans.

The businesswoman loves to travel and have an adventurous life, and she wants her fan following of 10K to accompany her on that journey.


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Shanzey also considers relationships very important, as she has posted numerous pics with her sister, husband, and other friends on many occasions.

An outgoing personality and the brains to run an entire company have made the beauty well-liked and respected.

Let’s hope Shanzey Al-Amin’s fortune is revealed to us soon, and we will update you guys if that does happen.

Trivia and Facts

  • Shanzey is married to H.M.H.Ridawi Aazaad Danishmand.
  • She is currently residing in Greater Toronto Area, Canada.
  • The founder obtained her bachelor’s degree from York University.

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