Common Heir’s Co-Founder & CPO Angela Ubias Net Worth – How Rich is She?

Common Heir’s Co-Founder & CPO Angela Ubias Net Worth – How Rich is She?

Angela Ubias Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Have you given a thought about applying the principles of sustainability in your business? Angela Ubias has opened her own sustainable skincare brand with partner Cary Lin

Here we will be discussing Angela Ubias’ net worth along with her sustainable skin company, Common Heir.

What Do We Know About Angela Ubias?

  • Angela Ubias is a co-founder and chief product officer of Common Heir, which focuses on creating sustainable skincare products.
  • The businesswoman studied BA, Communication & Media Studies/ English Language & Literature at Texas State University, where she helped build Texas Beauty Labs, which has now become Goodkind Co. as one of the first clean beauty labs.
  • However, after considerable reflection, she decided to create something new instead of building other people’s brands.
  • In collaboration with Cary Lin, who specializes in marketing within the industry domain, Angela left her job in mid-2020 and started work on Common Heir.

A Little Bit About Common Heir 

Angela Ubias and Cary Lin founded Common Heir in 2020 with a mission to promote the beauty that not only improves one’s physical appearance but also helps make the world more beautiful.

The company specializes in providing effective skincare products without plastics, harmful silicone, or animal cruelty.

They are happy to use eco-friendly packaging for their goods which is both lightweight and durable enough to ensure that customers receive orders successfully shipped with satisfaction.

Angela Ubias Net Worth
Angela Ubias Net Worth. Image Source: Twitter.

Furthermore, all of their merchandise is biodegradable as they carefully source environmentally friendly materials while maintaining high-quality standards that they value greatly.

Moreover, the company places importance on sustainability by working together with groups like Ocean Blue Project and participating in 1% for the Planet as they financially support environmental efforts.

For every email subscription that’s received, a dollar is contributed, which equates to eradicating at minimum one pound of tiny plastic particles from our seas.

Their dedication transcends just offering valuable cosmetic remedies; it strives to make a favorable difference in people’s existence while safeguarding Mother Nature simultaneously.

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Diving Into Angela Ubias Net Worth 

 Although Common Heir is a new company, it has made significant strides toward success by offering excellent products while prioritizing environmental preservation.

As a result of its efforts toward sustainability and quality goods, there has been an impressive increase in growth for the organization.

Despite being relatively young in operation compared to other businesses, Common Heir has already generated substantial profits.

From this perspective, one can infer that Angela Ubias, who plays an instrumental role in the progress of her team and its objectives, may have also benefited from these positive outcomes.

Nevertheless, some vital information about Ms. Angela Ubias net worth remains unknown despite all notable advancements regarding Common Heir’s accomplishments thus far.

Lifestyle And Assets

Ubias, having earned a substantial amount of money, is most likely enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Even though Angela’s popularity has increased, she hasn’t shared any details about her personal life yet. However, we can assume Angela Ubais earnings to be commendable.

While the entrepreneur does have an account on social media, it is only accessible to those closest to her as it is set to private mode.

This demonstrates that privacy holds great importance for the businesswoman, and she prefers not to be in the public spotlight.

In addition to valuing privacy greatly, this also reflects Angela’s inclination towards avoiding controversies and staying clear of them.

Trivia And Facts

  • Angela has about 600 followers as of May 2023.
  • She spent seven and a half years with Texas Beauty Labs.

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