4.5.6 Skin’s Founder Noelly Michoux’s Net Worth: On a Mission to Make Customized Skincare

4.5.6 Skin’s Founder Noelly Michoux’s Net Worth: On a Mission to Make Customized Skincare

Noelly Michoux's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Finding the ideal skincare items could seem like an endless hunt if you have skin rich in melanin. However, your search is over with 4.5.6 Skin, created by Noelly Michoux

It is concentrated on providing effective skincare solutions for people with deeper complexions. Keep reading to learn about Noelly Michoux’s net worth and other interesting facts.

What is 4.5.6 Skin?

  • 4.5.6 Skin was established in 2019 by Noelly Michoux, Imen Jerbi Azaiez, who holds a Ph.D. degree, and Carlos A. Charles M.D.
  • The company is dedicated to catering simple skincare solutions for people with melanin-rich skin through their specialized products.
  • The brand’s main objective revolves around making skin care uncomplicated and accessible for individuals with darker complexion based on empathy and dedication towards their cause.
  • The journey of 4.5.6 Skin reflects support and commitment towards skincare equity since they believe science-backed beauty offerings should be available across all communities.
  • Uniquely positioned as the pioneering company researching facial needs specific to dark pigmentations, this skincare lab aims at setting an example globally to spur others into equitable action.

Noelly’s Journey So Far

The story of Michoux, the CEO and Co-founder, is quite intriguing as it did not follow a straight path.

Noelle pursued her higher education in Business and Economics in Paris but eventually found her way to London, where she dabbled herself in different fields.

After completing her studies successfully, Michoux moved with her partner to New York City, where she worked for an E-commerce agency named Brand Online Commerce.

The firm specializes mainly in luxury beauty brands like Black Up Cosmetics, such as HRSerge Lutens, and Assouline.

Noelly Michoux's Net Worth
Noelly Michoux’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

During her tenure at this E-commerce firm, Michoux developed a passion for ingredients using top-rated products and dealing with clients who used them daily, further strengthening the bond between user satisfaction and product fascination.

The CEO acknowledges how critical perseverance skills have been throughout all stages while adapting to new situations gave rise to shaping Michoux’s life mission statement today.

Similarly, another skincare company to keep an eye out for is Camille Rose and how its founder, Janell Stephens, built a beauty empire from home.

Inspiration To Create 4.5.6

Michoux launched her brand due to the skincare challenges she faced, aiming to provide solutions catering to diverse skin tones.

Through extensive research and study, Michoux discovered that most conventional skincare practices were tailored towards lighter skin shades leading her on a quest for equity in the industry through inclusivity.

Noelly expressed that her products didn’t address her unique functional and physiological differences. With 4.5.6 Skin, the founder wanted to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach in skincare.


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Michoux highlighted how hydration plays an intricate role differently depending on your specific shade of skin; inflammation or irritation reacts dissimilarly across different hues, thereby eliminating ethnic bias from product development initiatives is long overdue.

As they say, necessity is the mother of innovation, so 4.5.6 Skin was born, and so far, skincare has taken the world by storm.

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Noelly Michoux’s Net Worth

Despite not disclosing Noelly Michoux’s fortune, her exceptional talents and entrepreneurial spirit have made her a sensation worldwide.

With her remarkable achievements spanning across various domains, Noelly is an inspiration to many.

It’s important to address the needs of underserved demographics, as evidenced by the high demand for products like Noelly’s in the global market.

4.5.6 Skin caters to approximately 46 million women aged 18-35 with higher phototype levels and is valued at around $25.5 billion (€23.8 billion). From this figure, we can also estimate Noelly Michoux’s net worth to be relatively high.

The LVMH Research Center selected Noelly’s company for its Cosmet’up program- highlighting the success of identifying niche markets.

Considering how well-liked her products are, Noelly Michoux’s fortunes will only continue to grow, and we hope she continues improving the skincare world.

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