The Future of Skincare: RADICAL Skincare’s CEO Liz Edlich’s Predictions and Plans

Have you faced skin problems? Then you might have come across Radical Skincare, founded by Liz Edlich and her sister. In the article, we will discuss the company’s current doings and future plans

Furthermore, here we will have a closer look into RADICAL Skincare‘s CEO Liz Edlich, and her personal life. So, stay with us as we go through the blog. 

About Radical Skincare

  • Radical Skincare is a company that aims to address various skin concerns while also uplifting one’s well-being.
  • Founded by siblings Liz Edlich and Rachel Edlich in 2009, they joined forces with renowned scientists to develop an effective youth elixir packed with potent antioxidants and gentle skin-soothing properties.
  • They managed to achieve this blend without causing any unwanted reactions on sensitive skin.
  • As a result of its commitment to quality, the brand quickly gained popularity as it expanded its reach globally.
  • Within just three years, they were available in over 800 stores across seventeen countries.
  • Solely propelled by countless positive customer reviews passed through word-of-mouth recommendations amounting up-to millions of sales worldwide.

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RADICAL Skincare’s CEO Liz Edlich 

Liz, together with her sister, is the daughter of Dr. Richard F. Edlich, MD.Ph.D. – a renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery known worldwide.

The sisters were first introduced to skin rejuvenation and wound repair science at an impressive level through their father’s lab even before they turned ten years old, as well as in the University of Virginia Burn Unit.

RADICAL Skincare's CEO Liz Edlich
RADICAL Skincare’s CEO Liz Edlich and her sister. Image Source: Instagram.

Before starting Radical Skincare, Liz held different positions that enabled her to gain experience in various areas such as financial management, capital sourcing, product development, production, and market strategy.

Working as a private investment banker and strategic business consultant for multiple public and private businesses, thereby allowing her to own companies involved in direct marketing and skincare space.

Having spent 15 years in Los Angeles’ skincare industry, creating more than 100 skincare products for celebrities, among others, she finally founded Radical.

Similarly, Janell Stephens is also the CEO of the skincare company of Camille Rose.

Motivation Towards Building The Skincare Brand

As mentioned above, Liz was in the Los Angeles skincare industry with over 15 years of experience.

But then the business became more personal when Rachel developed rosacea after her second childbirth, causing severe inflammation and red bumps on her face.

Rachel’s condition was so complicated that she had to take three medications prescribed by doctors, which they said were lifelong treatments.

Concurrently, Liz also faced changes as gravity set in at the age of 46; wrinkles appeared accompanied by a loss of elasticity resulting in less resilient skin.

Together they requested their chemists and scientists to create an ultimate anti-aging solution that could work wonders for sensitive, inflamed skin like Rachel’s while also targeting aging.

This was the moment when Radical Skincare was born!

Liz Edlich’s Current And Future Plans

Liz has been positively influencing the lives of others by volunteering and supporting important causes for a long time.

Currently, Radical Skincare‘s CEO assists burn victims at UVA and supports young individuals with developmental disabilities.

Furthermore, the organization also collaborates with organizations like American Heart Association and Operation Smile in LA and Africa to aid children having facial deformities.


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Furthermore, Radical Skincare is expanding globally due to its excellent results, thanks largely to Liz & Rachel, who have developed powerful skincare benefits even for people with delicate skin.

They are not just providing their products; they also deliver motivational messages about empowerment while focusing solely on delivering remarkable outcomes that leave clients awestruck.

Liz must be proud to be part of these efforts that make a significant difference in people’s lives. She must intend to continue this work even in the future.

Before we move on, we wish Radical Skincare‘s CEO Liz Edlich, best of luck for the future obstacles and hope the company to keep on making a difference in the world. 

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