Discover Camille Rose’s CEO Janell Stephens’ Net Worth: How She Built a Beauty Empire from Home

Discover Camille Rose’s CEO Janell Stephens’ Net Worth: How She Built a Beauty Empire from Home

Janell Stephens' Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Net worth $1.9 Million
Born January 1970
Gender Female
Height 5 foot 4 inches
Country of Origin USA
Source of Income Camille Rose LLC

Janell Stephens is a busy mother of five and an entrepreneur who has always had a packed schedule. However, she enjoys cooking during her leisure time.

Continue reading to discover Camille Rose‘s CEO Janell Stephens’ net worth and how she turned her passion into one of the leading cosmetic brands.

What is Camille Rose?

  • The inclusive beauty industry is a booming business that generates billions of dollars in revenue annually due to an expanding fanbase.
  • Janell Stephens founded Camille Rose LLC in 2011.
  • She started the beauty brand from her kitchen.
  • Originally intended to treat eczema affecting her five young children, which caused skin irritation and severe dryness in their hair, this brand has swiftly become an enormous success story.
  • It has grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise within just three years of its inception.
  • Camille Rose Naturals is now available at over 600 stores, such as Target, WalMart, Sally Beauty, and CVS.

The Founder: Janell Stephens

After giving birth to her kids, Janell, previously a therapist with ownership experience of a home health agency, developed an interest in hair and skin care items.

Janell Stephens, the mastermind behind Camille Rose, is a true multitasker.

During daylight hours, you might spot her dashing from one meeting to another or organizing her range of all-natural hair, skin, and household items.

When night falls, she shifts gears to devote time to helping each of her five kids with their coursework or taking them where they need to go for after-school activities.

The caring mother used wholesome ingredients in her plant-based dishes and incorporated them into her homemade skincare remedies to soothe her kids’ diaper rash and eczema.

From then onwards, things took off very quickly as fans loved her product and wanted her to produce her skincare on a large scale.

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She Named The Company After Her Grandmother

Camille Rose‘s CEO also said that she was raised to be holistic, and her grandmother helped her raise and lived until she was 99.

Janell’s holistic approaches towards wellness emphasize food as medicine, an outlook instilled within her during those tender years.

Janell revealed that she named her company in honor of her maternal grandmother. The name holds a very significant and sentimental meaning.

According to Stephens, the name Camille means modern, sophisticated woman, while the latter part Rose is named for her grandma.

Janell’s grandmother had a front-yard full of roses. After her grandmother passed away during winter and it’s unlikely for roses to bloom during that time.

However, there was one red rose in full bloom while the rest of the bush was dead. Hence, in order to honor her loving grandma, the company got the name, Camille Rose.

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Janell Stephens’ Net Worth

Janell was heavily rumored to be appearing on the 15th season of the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she was later dropped in place of fellow businesswoman Courtney Rhodes.

As per Distractify, Janell Stephens’ fortune is on the rise, with her multimillion-dollar company generating revenue of approximately $1.9 million.

Janell Stephens' Net Worth
Janell Stephens’ Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

The financial gains achieved by Janell highlight how friendly business acumen can be profitable in more ways than one when effectively executed with passion and vision toward success.

With over 500K followers on her company’s Instagram page, she is pretty successful and is well-loved by her fan base.

If she continues to deliver quality products, Janell Stephens’ net worth will reach new heights in the near future.

Trivia and Facts

  • Janell hails from Louisiana and has been wedded to Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr. since ’96.
  • The founder has attracted a considerable following of 65K on Instagram.
  • Additionally, she has appeared in numerous publications and broadcast networks such as Essence Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and HuffPost, among others.
Published On: May 23, 2023

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