Did you know Janell Stephens’ Husband is a Doctor? So In Love That They Married Twice

Did you know Janell Stephens’ Husband is a Doctor? So In Love That They Married Twice

Janell Stephens' Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Being a hardworking entrepreneur and a dedicated mother figure has made Janell Stephens’ days jam-packed, but she handles it effortlessly without stopping for a bit. 

Find out how this superwoman came about the idea for her skincare company and the personal life of Janell Stephens’ husband.

Let’s Know About Janell First

  • Janell, previously a therapist and owner of a home health agency, became fascinated by hair and skin care items after giving birth to her children.
  • She utilized natural ingredients in her homemade skincare remedies to soothe eczema and diaper rash for her kids while incorporating them into plant-based dishes.
  • Camille Rose is the brainchild of Janell Stephens, who wears many hats throughout the day as she handles meetings or oversees the production of all-natural household products.
  • When night falls, though, she shifts gears to devote time to being there for each of her five kids – helping them with their coursework or accompanying them on after-school activities.
  • Her loyal fans soon championed these products, leading Janell’s venture to thrive exponentially, urging the necessity to produce quality skincare options on a larger scale.

Her Brand: Camille Rose

Initially established to treat eczema affecting her five kids’ skin and hair dryness, Camille Rose skyrocketed into a prosperous business within three years.

Camille Rose, headed by their Founder, CEO, and Master Mixtress Janell Stephens, have joined hands to extend further assistance to their patrons and other women-owned enterprises.

With vast supporters from enthusiastic retailers and notable partnerships, this brand became an industry leader determined to provide innovative solutions.

This success story shows that with diligence and ardor for one’s vision, any businesswoman can attain monumental achievements.

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Supportive Household is Her Secret To Success

Stephens shares that her family fostered a supportive environment during her childhood. Her loved ones cheered her on to pursue any ambition she set out for, regardless of the level of risk involved.

Being raised among many entrepreneurs made it clear early on that self-reliance was highly prized in their households.

While growing up in Louisiana, Stephens received guidance from her kinfolk to chart whatever path felt most authentic to herself while instilling the value of independence.

Janell Stephens' Husband
Janell Stephens’ Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

When Stephens confronted the daunting prospect of exposing her children to potentially harmful medications for their severe eczema, she bravely opted to find a solution on her own.

The concerned mother conducted extensive research and crafted all-natural premium blends while concurrently making healthier lifestyle choices that she and her family benefited immensely from.

The wide array of inquiries regarding her products from friends, family, and acquaintances prompted Stephens to set up a website. 

The site was the platform for launching a brand that would later outgrow its online presence. And that’s how her journey gained momentum.

Janell Stephens’ Husband

The beauty expert has been united in matrimony with Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr., a hematologist, and oncologist in Tifton, Ga., since 1996.

According to MD.com, Janell Stephens’ husband is an expert trained in blood disorders and the medical treatment of malignancies.

The lovebirds during their academic years at college, and together they raised five children ever since tying the knot.

Based on Janell’s social media account, their relationship appears to flourish even after decades have passed since tying the knot, as evidenced by her Instagram post.

The post showcased photos of herself and Johnny celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, surrounded by family members donning formal attire and tying the knot again.

Stephens elaborated that they tied the knot a quarter of a century ago wearing casual blue jeans and basic T-shirts, officiated by one of her spouse’s fraternity brothers in a courthouse.

The expenses for their first wedding stood at $25 only. This proves that when you love someone truly and want to be with them, your wedding need not be extravagant.

What’s Next For Her?

During an interview, Janelle expressed that they are thrilled with the growth of their brand and how it continues to gain popularity.

Stephens was overjoyed with the recent launch of Camille Rose’s latest line, The Rosemary Collection, coupled with several activations to reach more customers.

Their reach is expanding locally and overseas; they’ve recently made a grand entrance into South Africa.

With all these developments, Camille Rose aspires to be a global household name by constantly evolving and striving for excellence.

If she continues at the pace she is at right now, it won’t be long before her company is competing against the biggest names in the skincare business, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

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