What is Sustainable Skincare Common Heir’s Co-founder & CEO Cary Lin’s Net Worth?

What is Sustainable Skincare Common Heir’s Co-founder & CEO Cary Lin’s Net Worth?

Cary Lin's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

We all know our earth is degrading day by day. So, to preserve the earth, Cary Lin has established her own green skincare company, Common Heir

So today, we will be looking at Cary Lin’s net worth. Stay put as we explore the CEO’s life and wealth. 

Journey Of Co-founder & CEO Of Common Heir, Cary Lin

Cary is a highly educated professional who has had an interesting career journey.

She pursued her B.A. at Harvard and MBA at MIT, which led her to a well-paid job in consulting. 

But eventually, Lin left behind the job for an unpaid beauty internship.

With experience gained from reimagining a top clean beauty brand, Cary identified the pressing need for sustainable practices that were lacking even among established companies focused on innovation.

This realization gave birth to Common Heir, driven by her unwavering belief in one’s ability to drive positive change while preserving natural beauty around us.

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About Sustainable Skincare Common Heir

Angela Ubias and Cary Lin established Common Heir in 2020 with the vision of promoting beauty that not only enhances one’s physical appearance but also contributes to a more beautiful world.

They specialize in offering high-performance skincare products that are free from plastics, harmful silicone, and cruelty toward animals.

The company takes pride in creating eco-friendly packaging for its items, keeping them lightweight yet sturdy enough to ensure customer satisfaction during shipping.


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Common Heir guarantees that all their merchandise is biodegradable while using environmentally friendly materials sourced mindfully without compromising quality.

Additionally, they value sustainability by partnering with organizations such as Ocean Blue Project and becoming members of 1% for the planet by supporting environmental causes monetarily.

Donating $1 out of every email signup is equivalent to eliminating at least one pound of microplastics from our oceans.

Their commitment extends beyond just providing effective beauty solutions; it aims to create an impact on people’s lives positively while protecting Mother Earth at the same time.

A Look Into Cary Lin’s Net Worth 

Common Heir was established just over two years ago, which means that the company is still far from reaching its peak.

However, given their impeccable products and eco-friendly mission of preserving the planet, Common Heir has been experiencing tremendous growth on an exponential scale.

Despite being in the starting phase, the company has already accumulated remarkable profits thus far.

Due to this, it can be safely assumed that their CEO Cary Lin has shared in these successes.

In spite of all this exciting news about Common Heir’s progress since inception, one piece of information still remains a mystery- we do not have any details regarding Cary Lin’s fortune at the present time.

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Life Style And Assets

Having been a part of the rising company, it is safe to assume that Cary Lin is leading a comfortable life.

Cary’s Instagram posts provide glimpses into her personal life, where she enjoys sharing moments of happiness with her followers.

Cary Lin's Net Worth
Cary Lin’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Apart from being an exceptional entrepreneur, Lin also takes pride in being a wife and mother to two- JoJo being her child and Clio, her furry baby, who even has its own Instagram account under @cliothejindo.

Taking a look at Cary’s social media handle, one can easily make out that family and loved ones hold a central position in her life.

The love this business person holds for them radiates through every post on her feed, showcasing just how important they are to her.

As the business flourishes, there’s no doubt that Cary Lin’s net worth will increase in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  • Cary Lin has over 1K followers on Instagram.
  • Lin has worked as Head of Marketing & Brand for More Labs and Senior Brand Manager for The Honest Company, amongst many other roles.

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