4 Surprising Things To Know About Asa Hutchinson Children: Who And Where Are They?

4 Surprising Things To Know About Asa Hutchinson Children: Who And Where Are They?

Asa Hutchinson Children. Image Credit: Social Media.

Asa Hutchinson is an American attorney and politician who served as the governor of Arkansas from 2015 to 2023 until Sarah Huckabee Sanders succeeded him.

Hutchinson is a candidate for the 2024 presidential elections. So, let’s take a look at his personal life and find out about Asa Hutchinson children and what they are up to.

4. Firstborn is an Attorney

Asa got married to his wife, Susan Burrell, in 1973, and the couple became parents for the first time when their son, William Asa Hutchinson III, was born.

Hutchinson graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 1997. Afterward, he attended the University of Arkansas School of Law and graduated with a law degree in 2000.

Asa Hutchinson Children
Asa Hutchinson Children. Image Credit: Instagram.

The Arkansas native began his professional career with Hilburn, Calhoon, Harper, Pruniski, & Calhoun, Limited in June 2000 as an Associate Attorney and worked there for one year.

Further, Asa worked at four different companies as an attorney before joining his father’s law firm, The Asa Hutchinson Law Group, PLC, as an attorney and managing partner in October 2008.

Asa Hutchinson’s son can be seen supporting his father in his presidential campaign and has posted several pictures on his Instagram related to the campaign.

Asa III has political experience and has served on his father’s political campaign staff. Additionally, he serves on the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce‘s board of directors.

3. Meet the Only Daughter of the Politician

Asa Hutchinson’s secondborn is Sarah Wengel. Sarah is the only daughter in the family, along with her three brothers.

Wengel attended the University of Arkansas, where she pursued her education and graduated with a degree. After completing her education, she obtained employment as a teacher in the Little Rock School District.

Sarah is active in her father’s political activities in addition to her work as a teacher. Sarah assists him with duties associated with different initiatives, such as setting up events or interacting with individuals to discuss her father’s thoughts and intentions.

Asa Hutchinson Children
Asa Hutchinson Children. Image Credit: Facebook.

Asa Hutchinson’s daughter works as a volunteer for the Arkansas Republican Party. One of the main political parties in the United States, the Republican Party, has followers and members in several states, including Arkansas.

As a volunteer, Sarah dedicates her time and energy to the party’s initiatives and objectives, such as backing Republican candidates in elections or working on party-relevant political issues.

Sarah is married and has a daughter named Jaella Wengel. She and her daughter unveiled Asa’s official portrait on January 2023 as the Republican bid goodbye to his governor’s office.

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2. Second Son of the 2024 Presidential Election Nominee

Among his siblings, Seth Hutchinson is the second-oldest. He is a businessman who started Hutch Games, a firm that focuses on making entertaining games that people can play on their smartphones and tablets.

So, there’s a chance you’ve played one of Seth’s company’s games if you like to play games on your mobile devices. Like his sister Sarah, Seth is engaged in politics in addition to his business endeavors.

Asa Hutchinson Children
Asa Hutchinson Children. Image Credit: Instagram.

Asa Hutchinson’s son actively participates in his father’s political efforts. Seth is a member of the board of directors for the Arkansas Republican Party and shares the same political beliefs as that party.

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1. The Youngest of the Asa Hutchinson Children

The youngest of the family’s four children is John Hutchinson. His career journey has been fascinating. He first earned his degree at West Point’s United States Military Academy.

After receiving his degree, John served in Afghanistan as an Army captain, a relatively high military rank position. This indicates that he traveled to Afghanistan to assist with missions related to American military operations there.

Later, the youngest of Asa Hutchinson children made the decision to return to school, but this time to law school. He graduated from law school and practices law in Arkansas.

It shows that all of Asa’s children have succeeded in their respective careers and making their father proud. They are set to embark on a magical journey as Asa is set to campaign for the 2024 presidential elections.

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