5 Things You Should Know About F1 Driver Carlos Sainz’s Ex-Girlfriend: Did He Really Cheat On Her?

5 Things You Should Know About F1 Driver Carlos Sainz’s Ex-Girlfriend: Did He Really Cheat On Her?

Carlos Sainz's Ex-Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

Carlos Sainz is one of the most promising Spanish F1 racing drivers. He is equally famous for his low-profile romantic relationships.

Sainz recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Isabel Hernaez. In this article, we present 5 things you should know about Carlos Sainz’s ex-girlfriend. Stay tuned.

5. Journalist Specializing in Fashion

Isabel Hernaez Fuster was born in Madrid, Spain, on February 24, 1995. The 28-year-old social media influencer hasn’t disclosed her family background yet.

Carlos Sainz’s ex-girlfriend, Hernaez, is a fashion enthusiast and a journalist. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Bilingual Journalism from the University of Madrid

Hernaez currently works as a press officer for clothing companies called, Scalpers and Victoria Collection. She also did a modeling shoot for Spanish Fashion Magazine.


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Apart from working as an influencer, Isabel cohosts a podcast where she debates every viewpoint of beauty and style.

4. Fond of Cooking

Isabel, a fashion journalist with exceptional public relations skills, is not only known for her expertise in the world of fashion but also for her passion for cooking.

Many may be surprised to discover Isabel’s hidden talent and love for culinary artsIn addition to her successful career as a fashion journalist, Isabel has become quite renowned in the cooking industry.

Hernaez’s culinary prowess has been showcased through multiple appearances in various prominent cooking magazines, where she passionately discusses and shares her unique recipes.

Moreover, the model generously imparts knowledge about exotic dishes through engaging podcasts that have captivated food enthusiasts around the globe.

Carlos Sainz's Ex-Girlfriend
Carlos Sainz’s Ex-Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

As an accomplished writer with extensive experience in both fashion and gastronomy, Isabel effortlessly combines her two passions by sharing captivating stories from the realm of style while providing delectable recipe recommendations alongside them.

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3. Relationship with Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Jr. and his ex-girlfriend, Isabel, started dating in 2017. During their relationship, the former couple always maintained a low profile avoiding public appearances.

When Sainz was on numerous Grand Prix, Hernaez always supported him being in the stands. Despite maintaining a private life, their occasional appearances showcased a relationship filled with love.

Carlos Sainz's Ex-Girlfriend
Carlos Sainz’s Ex-Girlfriend. Image Source: Instagram.

On numerous occasions and in interviews, Isabel expressed her desire to get married. However, a tragic scandal ended their romance.

The ex-couple made their last appearance at the wedding of Ana Sainz, Carlos’s sister, in February 2023.

2. Carlos Sainz’s Ex-Girlfriend Got Cheated On?

It is said that the final blow in the couple’s relationship was Carlos’ cheating rumors. As per reports, the racer was cheating on Isabel with a girl named Mia Brown at a Monaco Party.

Mia is a London-based model, and she is also an aspiring social media influencer. Carlos’s fans spotted him with Mia, and soon the rumors spread like wildfire.

To everyone’s surprise, Mia took to her Instagram and shared several pictures wearing a Ferrari cap. It didn’t take time for the fans to believe Carlos began his relationship with Brown.

The rumor got confirmed when British Journalist Matthew J. Thompson tweeted about the couple’s split on June 1, 2023. In that tweet, he mentioned Sainz’s infidelity as the reason for his alleged breakup.

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1. Broke Up After Six Years of Dating

Before officially splitting up in public, the former couple gave hints of their break up respectively. The rumor of their split occurred when Hernaez didn’t appear with Carlos at the Monaco GP.

On one occasion, Sainz had an interactive session with the fans, where he hinted about his single status. And when Hernaez was absent at the event, that raised a lot of questions about Sainz’s possible breakup.

On the other hand, Isabel confirmed the split in an interview with Hola Magazine.

The Scalper press officer even wished him good luck in his future ventures. Her last high-profile public appearance was at the Elle Eco Awards event in Madrid.

While succeeding in making impactful strides in her career path, she also championed numerous philanthropic undertakings aimed at providing support to children who have cancer.

In conclusion, Isabel established herself in the fashion world and beauty circles and has a huge following on various platforms across relevant domains. 

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