Meet Chicago Fire Cast Daniel Kyri Girlfriend

Meet Chicago Fire Cast Daniel Kyri Girlfriend

Daniel Kyri Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

The actor who rose to fame after appearing on the American TV drama series Chicago Fire is someone everyone is curious to know about. So who is he?

The actor is no other than Daniel Kyri and is someone you will find exciting to know more about. So, let’s quickly look at Daniel Kyri girlfriend, his life, and his career.

Getting To Know About The Talented Actor

  • Daniel Kyri is an American actor born on October 10, 1994, and grew up in The South Side of Chicago.
  • The talented actor has always credited his mother for enrolling him in the After School Matters programs when he was just 15 years old.
  • In Chicago, Kyri attended the University of Illinois and graduated with a BA in Theatre Performance. Furthermore, his ethnicity is African-American, and he holds American nationality.
  • Daniel was interested in acting and performing plays from a very young age. He starred in the 2014 short film Perfect Day as Desmond, playing a composite character based on Derrion Albert.

Daniel Kyri Sexual Orientation: Openly Proud Queer Actor

Many fans of Kyri have speculated about his gender and have considered him to be gay in real life. It is something that the fans already know that Daniel is a queer man.

Daniel has not been shy about talking about his story or coming out. He has openly accepted the fact he is a queer man and does not hesitate to identify himself.

Daniel Kyri Girlfriend
Daniel Kyri Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Kyri has often mentioned that he spent a lot of his youth lost at sea, reconciling with his sexuality. He resonates with him so much when he plays the character in Chicago.

Daniel could relate to the characters of his play in Chicago in so many ways, even if their stories are different. But everyone is curious to know about Daniel Kyri girlfriend. So, who is she? Let’s have a look.

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Is He Dating Some One? Debunking The Myths

Daniel Kyri has often been seen sharing photos with his co-star, Annie Ilonzeh. They even have written about Daniel Kyri as a dad and Annie Ilonzeh as a mom in their bio.

Many websites have mentioned that Daniel and Annie are seeing each other, but they are co-stars in the Chicago fires and nothing more than that.

Daniel Kyri Girlfriend
Daniel Kyri Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

The actor has not only seen posting his and Annie’s photos but also sharing many photos with Miranda Rae Mayo, a co-star in Chicago fires.

Even if Kyri has posted many pictures with the co-stars and made a highlight with Annie and Miranda on Instagram named Baes, the three of them are only co-stars and close friends, but nothing more than that.

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Facts About Daniel Kyri Girlfriend

The actor, well known for his role in Chicago Fires, has often mentioned Emily Woods on his Instagram, posting photos with her. In the December 4, 2023 post, Kyri mentioned her as his favorite human.

Not to forget, the Chicago Fire actor and Emily are seen calling each other boo out of love. So, people want to know if Emily is Daniel Kyri girlfriend.

Not only Kyri but Emily also posts frequently about Kyri and has seen her often mentioning that they are tied together for life.

Emily Woods is a musician born in St.Louis. She has spent the last ten years in Chicago and has participated in various music projects across a handful of genres.

Later, she realized this wasn’t it and started creating her own diva music. She has abundant love, attitude, and light that all shine bright through her hard-hitting vocals.

Even if Daniel Kyri partner has not been confirmed, he may soon talk publicly and tell us about his secret little life.


Q. When was Daniel Kyri born?

A. He was born on October 10, 1994.

Q. How old is Daniel Kyri?

A. He is 29 years old.

Q. How tall is Daniel Kyri?

A. He is tall 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m).

Published On: January 17, 2024

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