Unveiling David Probert’s Girlfriend: Their Endearing Love Story From Lovers To Spouse

Unveiling David Probert’s Girlfriend: Their Endearing Love Story From Lovers To Spouse

David Probert’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

There are people who like riding horses, there are jockeys, and then there’s David Probert. The Welsh-born jockey has been called the All-weather champion jockey.

In this article, we’re going to find out more about David Probert’s girlfriend and how the pair are winning life together.

Know More About David Probert

  • David, who is considered to be one of the greatest jockeys, was born in 1988 in a small town called Bargoed in Wales.
  • David joined Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni Welsh language school, and as he grew, he participated in pony racing competitions and Gymkhanas in and around Wales.
  • He won the British flat racing Champion Apprentice title in 2008 and has ridden for Andrew Balding.
  • David has won numerous titles, and his net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $10M to $18M.

David Probert in Depth

David and his sister, when they were small, always had ponies. They enjoyed racing them along the field, and they knew that they were into racing. After all, he was born in a family where his dad loved racing, and his mother loved riding horses.

David went off to the racing school when he was 16, and that’s where he got allocated to Andrew Balding. After 6 months of being there, Andrew said that he’d get David a license.

David Probert’s Girlfriend
David Probert’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Well, it was hard for David to get the hang of it as he rode a lot of horses and not a lot of winners, but after around 50 rides, David finally rode a winner when he was 18, after which the rest of the year was good for him, and he got the champion apprentice title.

A Jockey’s Life

Being a jockey is a challenging and demanding profession. It requires unwavering dedication, relentless effort, and perhaps most significantly, steadfast loyalty.

Despite this, many young riders struggle to secure enough rides, often only managing one or two per day. David faced similar hardships, finding it demoralizing to invest so much hard work into the sport while receiving very little in return.

David Probert’s Girlfriend
David Probert’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

However, amidst these challenges, David held onto a glimmer of trust and loyalty. Throughout his career, David rode for numerous owners who remained devoted to him.

The jockey remains deeply grateful for the opportunities they provided him in riding their horses. His commitment to rigorous daily practice, coupled with the trust he cultivated, gave him an invaluable advantage in the competitive world of horse racing.

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David Probert’s Girlfriend, a Fellow Jockey

David Probert’s relationship with his girlfriend Megan Jordan is shrouded in mystery, as he remains tight-lipped about her.

However, it is evident that David Probert’s girlfriend shares a passion for horses, much like David, as seen on her TikTok account, where the couple’s adventures are showcased through photos and videos.

Despite David not sharing these moments himself, their shared love for travel, beaches, and horseback riding shines through the content. Both hailing from Wales and deeply immersed in the jockey lifestyle, their mutual dedication to the sport further solidifies their connection.

David Probert’s Girlfriend
David Probert’s Girlfriend. Image Credit: Instagram.

Their vibrant social life is also captured in these posts – attending parties together, embarking on yachting excursions and traveling via airports show a glimpse into their spirited existence.

In summing up this enigmatic duo’s bond, while they may not be flawless matches of souls destined for each other, there is a clear indication of compatibility given both individuals’ achievements – with predictions pointing towards more victories ahead for them both.


Q: Who is David Probert’s girlfriend?

A: David Probert girlfriend’s name is Megan Jordan.

Q: What happened to David Probert?

A: Jockey David Probert was taken to hospital after being kicked by Bits and Bobs in an incident at Windsor racecourse.

Q: Who is David Probert’s mentor?

A: David has had Ian Balding as his mentor.

Q: What has David Probert won?

A: In 2015, he won the Group 3 Sandown Classic Trial on Master Apprentice and the Doonside Cup on Scottish. Then, in 2016, he won the Stewards Cup at Goodwood.

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