What We Know About Dom Hetrakul Wife? Exploring The Actor’s Blissful Married Life

What We Know About Dom Hetrakul Wife? Exploring The Actor’s Blissful Married Life

Dom Hetrakul Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

The esteemed Thai actor Dom Hetrakul is famous for his captivating performances in various Thai films and TV shows. Dom Hetrakul has a different story with his one and only wife.

The Couple has caught the eyes of many people with their connection. Who is Dom Hetrakul wife? To know about this fantastic Couple’s journey and relationship, stay with us till the end.

Dom Hetrakul’s Early Life and Career

  • Dom Hetrakul was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 9, 1976. He is known for his fantastic acting skills and is a professional model.
  • Dom has played lead, supporting, and guest roles in films and television series. He has also done music videos and voice recordings in different movies.
  • Hetrakul has been awarded twice as best-supporting actor in Crime King and Oum Rak Game.
  • Dom has gained immense recognition and a fan base through his significant roles in Thai movies and TV shows. He has put forward his talent for martial arts sagas into Hollywood production.

Who Is Dom Hetrakul Wife?

Many people are curious to know about Dom Hetrakul wife and what she does. Well, Dom Hetrakul wife is no other than Sasilax “Koy” Faichampa.

The Couple has kept their love story and the duration of their relationship private; however, they have already gotten the public’s attention.

Dom Hetrakul wife
Dom Hetrakul wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Rather than keeping other actors who keep their personal lives public, Dom prefers to keep his commitment and relationship private and far from the spotlight.

The Thai actor has a particular chapter with his wife, Sasiluck Faijumpa, but is not interested in sharing it publicly or with any media.

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Does The Duo Share Any Child Together?

Dom Hetrakul likes to keep their child and wife away from the spotlight and public, and he does not speak much about them but loves them with all his heart.

Does the Couple share any child? We will answer the most awaited question in our only article. The answer is yes; the Couple shares one daughter.

Dom Hetrakul wife
Dom Hetrakul wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Although the actor has not often mentioned his daughter, he loves her and respects her personal space. Dom Hetrakul’s daughter’s name is Dmiza Hetrakul.

The actor keeps his family life private and wants us to respect his decision.

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A Private Life Rather Than A Public

The eldest son of Pracha Hetrakul of the Daily News newspaper, Dom Hetrakul keeps his family life secret rather than publicly talking about it.

Dom’s life started as a model, presenter, and actor, and he is currently focused on his position as a manager director. He directs two companies named Britbike Co. Ltd and Motorcycle Kingdom Co. Ltd.

Dom takes his profession and occupation seriously and gives his 100% whenever he does something, whether to direct his company or act. 

The Couple has been married since 2001, and Sasilax does not want to be in the public eye and wants a private family life. 

The Couple wants a private life, and we should also give them space to live peacefully with their family. We should hold onto our hearts unless the Couple decides to face the public with their stories.

Published On: January 23, 2024

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