Discover 2024 Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum Net Worth: Wealthiest Governer in The U.S.?

Net Worth $1.1 Billion
Born August 1, 1956
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height 5 Feet 8 Inch
Source of Wealth Investment and Business

Doug Burgum is an American investor, businessman, and politician who has been serving as the 33rd governor of North Dakota since 2016. Burgum is a candidate in the 2024 United States presidential election.

Today, we will dive into the personal and professional life of the governor and discover everything there is about Doug Burgum net worth.

Interesting Facts About the Governor of North Dakota

  • Burgum was born on August 1, 1956, in Arthur, North Dakota, United States of America, as Douglas James Burgum to Katherine Burgum and Joseph Boyd Burgum.
  • Doug attended North Dakota State University and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978. Similarly, he did his MBA from Stanford University and graduated in 1980.
  • Doug, a longtime resident of North Dakota, had no prior political background before he entered the Republican primary for the 2016 North Dakota governor’s race.
  • The American National is a philanthropist who has contributed to charitable organizations like the Plains Art Museum. He gave North Dakota State University a renovated school facility that he had purchased in 2001.
  • The governor wed Karen Stoker as his first wife in 1991. They got divorced in 2003 after having three kids. Burgum wed Kathryn Helgaas in 2016. Kathryn promotes the rehabilitation reinvented program for addiction and rehabilitation.

Doug Burgum Net Worth: Is He the Richest Governor?

Doug Burgum is a billionaire governor who has an impressive net worth of $1.1 billion. He holds the title of second richest governor in the United States, just behind J.B. Pritzker with $3.6 billion.

When Burgum entered politics, he sided with the Republican Party. He actively participated in GOP politics throughout his time as governor of North Dakota and in several other political activities.

Doug Burgum Net Worth
Doug Burgum Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

The reputation of the governor of North Dakota is influenced by more than just his political activities. Thanks to his entrepreneurial energy, he is a well-known American investor, businessman, and philanthropist.

Doug Burgum’s net worth was highly influenced by his investment in real estate development, such as the Kilbourne Group, and he co-founded a software venture capital group called Arthur Ventures.

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Great Plains Software – Primary Source of His Wealth

Doug entered the business world in 1983 by mortgaging $250,000 of farmland to provide the start-up funding for the Fargo, North Dakota-based accounting software company Great Plains Software.

In 1984, the American politician helped a small number of family members acquire the remaining shares of the business, at which point he was named the company’s president.

Doug Burgum Net Worth
Doug Burgum Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

Great Plains Software frequently appeared on Fortune magazine’s list of the top 100 American firms to work for during the 1980s.

Burgum used the Internet to help the business grow outside of North Dakota, and by 1989, it had around 250 workers, $300 million in annual sales, and a 1997 IPO.

Finally, in 2001, Burgum sold the company to Microsoft for a record-breaking sum of $1.1 billion. Doug Burgum’s wealth instantly crossed the billion-dollar mark with this deal.

Burgum was appointed Senior Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions Group, the subsidiary formed by the merger of Great Plains into the firm after the sale.

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From Sweeping Chimneys to Becoming the Governor: An Inspiring Journey

Yes, the present governor of North Dakota came from nothing but built an impressive fortune with his hard work and dedication over the years.

Doug worked his way through college, including time spent as a chimney sweep. Although it was risky, it paid $40 per chimney, which was significantly more than the minimum wage.

Doug Burgum Net Worth
Doug Burgum Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

Little by little, the American businessman built his riches. Burgum, who had more than a billion dollars in his bank account, rose to prominence as a software investor and was one of the first to invest in SuccessFactors.

The digital firm was sold for $3.4 billion in 2012. Additionally, he was the CEO of the Atlassian software tools firm in Australia, which later went public.

Doug Burgum net worth is a testament to his leadership skills and brilliant mind as an investor. We wish him all the best in his campaigns and hope to see him shine in the upcoming elections.

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