The Unstoppable Rise of Frank Zappa’s Granddaughter Zola Frank Zappa: A Look at Her Early Career

The Unstoppable Rise of Frank Zappa’s Granddaughter Zola Frank Zappa: A Look at Her Early Career

Zola Frank Zappa is the daughter of Dweezil Zappa. Photo Source: Zola Zappa's Instagram.

The innovative and stylistically diverse musician Frank Zappa left a legacy behind, but after his demise in 1993, you might wonder what the Zappa bloodline is up to. Frank had four children, Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet, and Diva. While everyone has their own path, this article focuses primarily on Frank Zappa’s granddaughter Zola Frank Zappa and her pursuit.

Zola Frank Zappa was named after her grandfather and is the eldest daughter of Dweezil and Lauren Knudsen. Unlike her grandfather, Zola is not into music but has been doing wonders in her modeling career since her teenage years. Keep reading until the end to learn everything about Zola and her career.

Zola’s Parents Got Divorced

Zola Zappa’s parents, Dweezil and Lauren, got married in September 2005 in Los Angeles. Within a year of their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child Zola in 2006. Initially, she was raised by both of her parents until her mother, Knudsen, filed for divorce in March 2010. The reason for their divorce was cited to be irreconcilable differences.

Frank Zappa’s granddaughter, Zola, was only three years old during her parents’ divorce, while her younger sister, Ceylon Indira Zappa, was only one. Despite being young, Zola might have been affected in some ways by her parent’s messy divorce. Zola Frank’s mother, Lauren, asked for spousal support and shared legal custody of the couple’s daughters.

Zola grew up with her sister and mother. Since Lauren was a fashion stylist, it must have influenced Zola to pursue her career in modeling. Unlike the grandfather, Frank Zappa’s granddaughter is on her own pursuit of making a career in modeling. Also, learn about Frank Zappa’s friend Captain Beefheart‘s musical journey and his greatest hit.

Is An IMG Model

Dweezil’s baby girl took a different path than her father and grandfather. More than her guitarist father, she was influenced by her mother and started her professional modeling career at age 15. According to her Instagram account, she is currently associated with IMG Models.

Zola’s beautiful features and slender figure make it quite understandable for her to pursue modeling and even ace at it. At times, she can also be seen on her mother’s Instagram page modeling for her. Since the mother-daughter duo is from a similar background, it is only natural for them to be seen working together.

IMG Model Zola Frank Zappa
Zola Frank Zappa was signed by IMG Models. Photo Source: Lauren Knudsen’s Instagram.

Zola has an amazing portfolio and has also modeled for Gucci and Givenchy. Her Instagram is filled with pictures from her modeling work as well as her day-to-day life. We must say Frank Zappa’s granddaughter is one beautiful lady in the modeling industry and looks like she was born to walk on the runway.

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Paving Her Own Way

Belonging to the family of musicians, many must have wondered if Frank Zappa’s granddaughter, who is named after him, would follow the musical journey or not. But she didn’t. Instead, Zola has set out on a promising journey into the modeling world. Zola’s journey as a model surprised nobody. With her looks and features, many people would have mistaken her for one, even if she weren’t a model.

From her early teenage years, Zola has been in the modeling industry. Currently signed to Hollywood’s leading modeling agency, IMG Models, Zola is set to rise higher in the coming years. Many top models in the industry have previously worked with IMG, and in upcoming years, we will see Zola Frank Zappa become one of the top and highest-paid models.

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