Revealing Gary Burghoff Net Worth: How Much Is The Actor’s Fortune?

Revealing Gary Burghoff Net Worth: How Much Is The Actor’s Fortune?

Gary Burghoff Net Worth

Gary Burghoff is best known for his role in the Off-Broadway musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” as Charlie Brown‘s role.

The actor’s life has been an inspiration for many young actors. So, Let’s look at the early life of the actor Gary Burghoff net worth and his achievements in his career.

Early Life Of Gary Burghoff

  • Gary Burghoff’s birth name is Gary Rich Burghoff, and he was born on May 24, 1943, in Bristol, Connecticut, U.S. His parents are Rodney Burghoff (father) and Ann Burghoff (mother).
  • He also has an older brother, David Burghoff. Gary was born with brachydactyly, which made his left hand’s three fingers smaller. Despite his weakness, he became a drummer and also studied tap dance.
  • Gary gained early experience in acting as he trained at the HB Studio in New York City.

Burghoff’s Colorful Career: Achievements So Far

The actor started his career in 1967 and portrayed Charlie Brown in the Off-Broadway production You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. In 1970, he made his film debut in Robert Altman‘s “M*A*S*H.”

Burghoff had six Emmy nominations for MASH in a Comedy Series as the Outstanding Supporting Actor, and he won one of them in 1977. Burghoff’s co-star, Alan Alda, collected the prize on his behalf.

Gary Burghoff Net Worth
Gary Burghoff Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram

Gary also appeared on game shows, including Match Game, Liar’s Club, Hollywood Squares, and many more. He also worked as a professional jazz drummer.

Burghoff served as the television spokesperson for BP gasoline and IBM computers in the 1980s. In 2000, Burghoff was a spokesperson for the dot-com period auction aggregation site

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How Is Gary Burghoff Married Life?

While talking about Gary Burghoff’s personal life, there are a lot of questions that arise in people’s minds. Who is the actor married to? How has Gary’s married life been? So, let’s dig right into his personal life.

The talented actor married Janet Gayle on December 25, 1971, but their relationship did not work out for them, and they later got divorced in 1979. Gary and Janet do share one child (daughter) named Gena Gale Burghoff.

Gary Burghoff Net Worth
Gary Burghoff Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media

Gary again married Elisabeth Bostrom in 1985, and their relationship did not work out either. They got separated on December 29, 2005. They share two children (sons) named Miles Burghoff and Jordan Burghoff.

The actor is not married to anyone currently and is happy with his life and childrens.

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Let’s Find Out Gary Burghoff Net Worth

The actor has added millions of dollars to his fortune from his successful career. So, how much might be Gary Burghoff net worth? Let’s find out.

Burghoff is most remembered for his role as Radar O’Reilly in the MASH movie and its TV series. Burghoff left MASH in 1979 despite Warner Bros offering him a $4 million contract. However, other actors, such as Alan Alda and Carroll O’Connor, also earned a pretty decent salary.

Gary Burghoff net worth is $6 million, which is an impressive amount to look at from his career. He is thriving and is still known for his role in the series and film MASH.

Over the years, the actor has supplemented his career with several brand endorsements, which include appearing in ads for IMB computers, BP gasoline, and


Q. How old is Gary Burghoff?

A. He is 80 years old.

Q. What is Gary Burghoff famous for?

A. He is famous for his role as Charlie Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Q. Where did Gary Burghoff receive his acting training?

A. He received his acting training in New York City at HBO Studio.

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