Meet Glass Animals Guitarist Drew MacFarlane’s Girlfriend: A Glimpse Into His Love Life

With the successful release of ‘Heat Waves‘ by Glass Animals, many new fans have been trying to know more about the bandmates, especially about charming guitarist Drew MacFarlane.

So, with the intention of helping out the fans, this article will delve into the career and music journey of the guitarist, emphasizing Drew MacFarlane’s girlfriend. So take advantage of all the details. 

Get To Know More About Drew MacFarlane

  • The guitarist of Glass Animals was born in America on November 21st, 1988.
  • Growing up, Drew was surrounded by the Appalachian folk music of his native Virginia. After moving to the UK, he discovered classical music there.
  • He studied free composition and choral music with renowned composer Robin Holloway at Cambridge University. During his time at the university, he conducted various performances for chamber groups and small orchestras.
  • MacFarlane has produced quality music exploring various contemporary classical compositions and electronic music.
  • Drew is the founding member of the band Glass Animals. Among the four members, he is more known as the goofball of the group.

Role in Glass Animals

Glass Animals is one of the most successful bands active for over a decade, providing quality music in different genres, including indie pop, electronic-pop, and psychedelic pop.

Drew Macfarlane is the leading founding member of the Glass Animals. After the first meeting with Dave Baylay in the UK, they both created a close bond as both were from America and called themselves fake Americans.

Later Drew was the one who introduced the other two members, Edmund Irwin-Singer and Joe Seaward, to Dave. MacFarlane had mastered guitars, keyboards, and violin, which provided a significant help while forming the band.

Drew MacFarlane's Girlfriend
Drew MacFarlane’s Girlfriend. Image source: Instagram.

The guitarist provides backing vocals in the songs of Glass Animals that create a pleasant harmonization and convey the emotion and drama of the song to the listeners.

The musician is the band’s lead guitarist that provides melody or counter-melody to the songs. His guitar rhythm incorporation provides a base to the songs with a steady or groovy pulse attracting the listeners.

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What’s in the Works Beside Glass Animals

As a musician, Drew has apportioned his time and efforts not only to Glass Animals but also tried to find other sources of inspiration for music, also debuting as a solo artist.

Drew borrowed the name from Scandinavian mythology and debuted with a solo project under the moniker of Lokki in 2018.

Lokki arrives as a wave in Drew’s musical journey highlighting the melancholy of piano and guitar arrangements that splinters and fall apart. Similarly, the solo project has a melting, hushed voice that intricates perfectly with the sound of strings.


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At the start of 2017, MacFarlane had hinted about Lokki dropping some logos and drawings related to it. In 2018, he first dropped the first track from the Cirrhi EP featuring stripped-back, piano-forward tracks, blending haunting melodies with ethereal harmonies.

Following the first track, Drew dropped other singles, ‘I Catch You’ and ‘Breathe a Breath of Me,’ with spellbinding contrast to cope with the feeling of a lazy Sunday.

Moreover, in 2020 the artist completed a composition mentorship with an agency, Manners McDade.

Did You Know He Was Once Arrested?

The goofball of the group was once arrested for climbing a road sign in Milwaukee.

Adding to the story of getting arrested, Dave said it wasn’t much of a surprise that Drew was arrested. He had to pay a lot of bail in America to get out of jail.

However, as the story unfolded, Dave further stated that Drew was totally naked and was with someone when he was arrested.

This was quite a big reveal. But the question arises, ‘with whom he was arrested?’ Unfortunately, the answer still remains a mystery.

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Strings That Connects His Music To Heart: Drew MacFarlane’s Girlfriend

Apart from the music career of the musician, let’s move to the intriguing question of the day ‘Who is Drew MacFarlane’s girlfriend?’

Drew has been providing listeners with amazing songs with deep meaning. His new release, ‘Breathe a Breath of Me,’ is also about activities we do every minute. The song has a meaningful interpretation during the choir that when we breathe, the world breathes with us.

Many people wonder if these songs’ source of inspiration is Drew MacFarlane’s lover. However, these speculations are just some mere predictions made by his fans.

Many fans believe the artist is in a relationship with someone but isn’t ready to reveal it publicly. Contrastly other fans believe he is currently single and dedicating his time to music.

Drew hasn’t made anything clear or even hinted about his romantic relationship. His social media activities are also mainly related to music, Glass Animals, and his bandmates.

It is understandable that the artist on the rise in terms of popularity will definitely want to hide or keep things secret, especially his relationship status.

So, it is unclear whether the guitarist of Glass Animals is currently single or is dating someone.

Therefore, we hope that information about Drew MacFarlane’s love interest will be revealed soon and we get to know more about her.

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