Who is Jalen Neal’s Partner ? The Dating Rumors Explained

Who is Jalen Neal’s Partner ? The Dating Rumors Explained

Jalen Neal is an American soccer player who plays for LA Galaxy. Photo Source: Sarah Nael's Instagram.

Jalen Christopher Neal is an American professional soccer player who plays as a center-back for LA Galaxy and was recently called up for USMNT’s  2023 annual January training camp. The handsome young athlete keeps everyone’s eyes fixed on him as he is a promising and a rising soccer player.

Besides the people who look up to him for his soccer skills, many girls are crushing hard on the LA Galaxy player. Hence many want to know about Jalen Neal‘s partner and his dating life. Keep reading until the end to learn about Neal’s love life and success.

Have A Strong Soccer Base

Do you know that the first years of youth soccer games are called ‘bumblebee ball’ as the young players don’t yet have the discipline to stay intact in their respective positions? Instead, they all run around like swarms of bees, earning the name bumblebee ball.

However, the young star of USMNT, Jalen, had the knowledge and discipline since the beginning. Jalen’s mother, Sarah Neal, signed him up for the local league when he was three years old. He played as a defender. The audience for the kids’ games were their parents, who did not have much football knowledge.

During one of the games, Jalen kicked the ball back to his goalkeeper to maintain possession and build an attack. Those who aren’t well updated about soccer would be surprised by this act, and it also could be deemed a stupid mistake of a kid. However, Jalen Neal’s mother understood it wasn’t her son’s silly mistake but his impressive knowledge of the fundamentals of the game.

Sarah realized this and soon started to build a strong base for her second born. By the time Neal was 5 years old, he was playing for the U-8 team. Jalen is where he is today due to his mother’s constant effort and dedication, and he feels grateful for his mother.

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Soccer Career

Jalen Neal was born on August 24, 2003, in Lakewood, California. He started playing soccer early, and eventually, in 2016, Jalen joined the LA Galaxy Academy and started appearing in the former U.S. Soccer Development Academy system. He also played for the club’s USL Championship affiliate LA Galaxy II in 2020.

Neal climbed the ladder of success slowly and steadily. He is bound to succeed if he continues at the same rate. He made his professional debut on July 11 from LA Galaxy II. He played a total of 13 games and even scored his first goal against Reno 1868 FC.

Humanitarian Of The Team

Jalen’s goal against Reno 1868 FC was his professional career’s first goal, but he didn’t celebrate. When asked why he simply replied that the game wasn’t over for him to celebrate.

The California native’s attitude to finishing things well rather than seeking recognition won many people’s hearts. During matches, Neal is seen assisting without attempting to score for himself. He is known to be a good person on and off the field.

Sarah Neal gets the credit for instilling such morals and values in Jalen. For his community work at the Care Closet LBC, a non-profit organization founded by Duke Givens, LA Galaxy II named him the team’s Humanitarian of the Year consecutively in 2020 and 2021.

Jalen Neal's profession
Jalen Neal was named the team’s Humanitarian of the year in 2020 and 2021. Photo Source: Sarah Neal’s Instagram.

Both mother and son have been part of the Care Closet events, where they distributed clothes, blankets, toiletries, and other basic necessities.

Is Neal Dating Anyone?

The LA Galaxy’s defender was called up for his first training camp in the United States Men’s National Team’s 24-man roster for the annual January Training Camp. This is a huge achievement for the young athlete.

With the news, Neal is getting more recognition and media exposure. The young athlete of the USMNT is making people curious about his personal affairs as well. Many are curious and want to know who Jalen Neal’s partner is.

Unfortunately, Neal has been very discreet about his love life and has not shared any information about who he is dating. Looking at his Instagram, it is safe to say that the player is not romantically linked with anyone at the moment and is focusing on his soccer career.

Even if Neal is dating anyone privately, we must have to wait until he himself talks about his love life. For now, there’s no news regarding Jalen Neal’s partner, and the player himself has refrained from talking about anything regarding this matter. Learn about another soccer player, Roman Celentano‘s dating life.

Neal will be appearing for his next match against FC Dallas on March 5, 2020, and his family, friends, and fans will be supporting him to their fullest. We wish him all the best for his upcoming matches.

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