The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Jane Erin Carrey’s Mother

The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Jane Erin Carrey’s Mother

Jane Erin Carrey's mother was with her dad even before his stardom. Image Source: Social Media.

There might be only a handful of people who don’t know about Jim Carrey. But how can one forget their childhood character, Grinch? Born in Newmarket, Ontario, Carrey is a successful actor and a proud dad of a daughter, Jane Erin Carrey. While her dad needs no introduction, people often search for the whereabouts of Jane Erin Carrey’s mother, Melissa Womer.

Jane’s parents were married for almost a decade but eventually called it quits. Ober the years, the former Mrs. Carrey has remained away from the limelight. So, today we’ve brought you this article about Jim Carrey’s ex-wife and the mother of his child.

Met Each Other Before Jim’s Stardom

Jim’s career journey is something one can get inspired from. Only a few know about the blood and sweat he has shed to be where he is today. But there’s one person who knows about his struggle away from the limelight: Jim Carrey’s ex-wife, Melissa.

The actor met Melissa, an aspiring actress who’d moved to LA from Arizona at 17, at the Comedy Store, where she used to wait tables. Even in his offhanded repartee with other comedians, she could tell he had a talent. Furthermore, it wasn’t until the next two years after their first brief exchanges there their romance blossomed.

On March 28, 1987, which Melissa describes as a perfect day, the then-couple tied the knot. At the end of the day, they sat over untouched mahi-mahi at sunset in their venue, a hotel in Santa Monica, California, and crying like idiots at their happiness.

Likewise, Avery Cyrus is another celebrity who was in a relationship with JoJo Siwa.

Struggled Together While Handling Parenthood

On September 6, 1987, a few months after their wedding, the couple welcomed their daughter, Jane Erin Carrey. They must have been thrilled with the newest addition to the family. The former duo raised their baby girl with immense love and care.

The marital journey was initially full of rough patches for Jim and Melissa. The latter reportedly revealed that she saw her husband go from a ninth-grade education and no money to huge money, a girlfriend, fast cars, and other luxuries.

Two years after the couple got married, Jane Erin Carrey’s mother toiled as a masseuse at a health club in LA and as a waitress at the Comedy Story to pay the bills. He used to make $25 a night for his standup comedy and the Comedy Store. Even when she was eight months pregnant, she held two jobs.

Jane Erin Carrey’s parents struggled together to make lives for themselves. Her dad eventually got his big hit, but at the price that they had to pay.

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The New Found Success Put A Strain On Their Marital Life

When Melissa met Jim, they discussed about the pitfalls of Hollywood marriage and promised never to make that happen between them. However, life had different plans for them.

In 1993, Melissa Womer’s ex-husband got the comedy and financial breakthrough in his career when he was offered $7 million for The Mask. It was the same year the duo split due to reported strain on the marriage because of his transition from small-time standup to international superstar.

In an interview, Jane Erin Carrey’s mother publicly complained that he would come home from enjoying the success and be unable to handle the odd domesticity. Melissa even told him to put his feet back on the ground after he comes home and take the garbage out as everybody does, or she can’t be married to him. She recalled that the day he walked on the set as a star, he decided to enjoy the newfound success as a single man.

Jane Erin Carrey’s Mother And Father Got Divorced

When Melissa asked him to be a husband and father while he was home, the actor chose Hollywood pursuit and filed for divorce on November 1, 1993. However, as per Jane Erin Carrey’s mother, they separated in November of that year, while her dad claimed that the actual date of separation was June 15, 1993.

Jane Erin Carrey's Parents
On November 1, 1993, Jane Erin Carrey’s dad filed for a divorce from her mom. Image Source: Social Media.

The estranged pair were in dispute because the date Jim claimed was the day he signed a $7 million worth “Ace Ventura” deal. If it were true that they were together on that day, he would have to split his earnings in half, and if they were not together, Melissa would have no claim to the money.

During divorce proceedings, Jim Carrey’s ex-wife lived on $25K in child support and temporary alimony. Then, he offered a $500,000 once-off settlement, but she refused and demanded $5M to $10M. Eventually, the former couple settled their divorce in private and kept their financial settlement a secret.

Nonetheless, from Melissa’s life, we can learn various lessons, including how to be there for someone when they have nothing and support them no matter what. She is a loving mother and handled her duties as a wife gracefully. We wish her nothing but the best future.

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