A Look at the Life and Current Whereabouts of Jeff Beck’s Ex-Wife Patricia Brown

A Look at the Life and Current Whereabouts of Jeff Beck’s Ex-Wife Patricia Brown

Jeff Beck was an English guitarist who rose to prominence with the rock band the Yardbirds. Photo Source: Social Media.

To live a life doing what you absolutely love is what everyone aspires to do, but only a few can accomplish it, excel at it, and have millions of people recognize their brilliance. One such persona was Jeff Beck, the guitarist who replaced Eric Clapton from the band Yardbirds.

The proclaimed guitarist of guitarist Jeff Beck passed away at 78 on January 10, 2023. While his legacy and musical talent are sung and praised in every mention of him, we are here to discuss his less talked-about personal life along with it. So let’s get to know about Jeff Beck’s ex-wife Patricia Brown.

Beck’s Musical Career

The English guitarist Geoffrey Arnold Beck aka Jeff Beck, was born in Wallington, England, on June 24, 1944. He was interested in electric guitar since his young days, even before he even knew the difference between electric and acoustic guitar. Beck used to sing in a church choir when he was 10.

Beck’s first memory leads back to the time when he was six. When he heard Les paul play ‘How High the Moon’ on the radio, he was immediately smitten. Jeff’s other musical influences were Cliff Gallup, Steve Cropper, Lonnie Mack, and many others.

Jeff was considered to be an innovator rather than a follower. He never followed the rules and demands of the record industry but always marched to the beat of his own drum. Well, in his case, he danced to the rhythm of his own guitar.

Jeff Beck Joined The Yardbirds
The English guitarist Jeff Beck joined the band Yardbirds in 1965. Photo Source: Jeff Beck’s Instagram.

The Wallington native joined the rock band the Yardbirds in 1965. During his time at the band, Jeff rose to prominence. However, Beck’s tenure in the band was brief as he left the band in 1966 and created his own band, The Jeff Beck Group.

Likewise, get to know about another famous rock singer Gary Cherone, a former member of the band Van Halen.

Who Is Jeff Beck’s Ex-Wife Patricia Brown?

Jeff was only 19 when he first got married to Patricia Brown, who is from Crawley. He was still a struggling artist trying to find his way into the music industry. But despite his career uncertainty, he was certain of who he was marrying. So Beck tied the knot with Patricia in 1963. Oh, to be young and in love!

Beck was at the beginning of his career. So it must have been difficult for young couples to keep their relationship steady as they continued with their life. Unfortunately, they called it quits after four years of their marriage, and the exact reason behind their separation is still unknown.

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Patricia Brown Leading A Low-Key Life

Jeff beck’s ex-wife has stayed away from the media’s attention and has never appeared in front of the world since their separation in 1967. The ex-couple also did not have any children, so they were even less likely to be linked together after their divorce.

During his lifetime, Beck has been married only twice. But he had his share of dating some glamorous women along the way. After his divorce from his first wife, Patricia, Jeff Beck married Sandra Cash in 2005, and there never was a mention of Jeff Beck’s ex-wife Patricia Brown afterward. So, we do not have any information regarding Patricia and her whereabouts.

Patricia must be leading a low-key life away from the link with Jeff and the media’s prying eyes on her private life. So we shall respect her privacy and wish her good health wherever she might be. We hope to know more about Jeff Beck’s ex-wife Patricia Brown in the future.

Regardless of what happened, the news of Beck’s death might have affected Patricia to some extent as they shared some history together. The eight times Grammy award winner died due to bacterial meningitis on January 10, 2023. We, along with many fans, mourn the loss of such musical talent and wish his soul rest in peace. We send the Beck family strength and love through this article.

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