The Jackson Siblings: Who Are Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s Brothers and Sisters?

The Jackson Siblings: Who Are Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s Brothers and Sisters?

Jermaine Jackson Jr. has six siblings from his dad's three marriages. Image Source: Jermaine Jackson II Facebook.

Jermaine Jackson, a bassist and singer from the United States, is a proud father of seven children. One of them is Jermaine Jackson Jr., who is also in the entertainment business as an actor and has been in the limelight for many years. However, unlike him, Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s siblings have remained away from the spotlight.

Jackson Jr., who is best known for his roles in The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992), Moonwalker (1988), and The Fifth Annual American Cinema Awards (1988), must have had a wonderful time growing up in a large family. So, without further ado, let’s dive in to know more about Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s brothers and sisters.

The Jackson Siblings

Jermaine Jackson Jr. was born Jermaine LaJaune Jackson Jr. on 27 January 1977 in the United States and is also famous as Jermaine Jackson II. He was born to his father, Jermaine Jackson, and mother, Hazel Gordy. He is the eldest of seven Jackson siblings. The siblings from eldest to youngest are Jr. himself, Autumn Joi Jackson, Jeremy Maldonado Jackson, Jaimy Jermaine Jackson, Jourdynn Michael Jackson, Jaafar Jermiah Jackson, and Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson.

Besides, Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s parents were married from 15 December 1973 to 1988. His mother is the daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy. Likewise, his own siblings are Autumn, born on 16 June 1978, and Jaimy Jermaine Jackson, born on 17 March 1987.

The remaining of Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s siblings are his dad’s children, with his second and third stepmothers.

One Of Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s Siblings, Jermajesty is a Singer

Jermajesty is a recent college graduate gearing up for a music career. He has been putting in a lot of time in the studio, mentored and coached by dad Jermaine. The aspiring singer has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show with other prominent Jackson family members.

The 22-year-old debuted on stage for the first time in 2017, performing The Christmas Song with his brother Jaafar and dad Jermaine. In addition, he performed live on stage with the entire Metropole Orchestra for the Dutch TV broadcast of the MAX Proms.

Jermaine Jackson Jr. siblings
Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s younger brother Jermajesty Jackson is a singer. Image Source: Jermajesty Jackson Instagram.

Besides, Jarmajesty, one of Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s siblings, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Alejandra Loaiza, his mom and his dad’s third wife, was previously dating his uncle Randy Jackson. As of 2017, the star kid was dating Amanda Goodman, and it appears they are really in love.

Similarly, Tyler Blackburn is another aspiring singer striving to make a name for himself.

Jaafar Jackson Set To Play Michael Jackson Biopic

One of Jeremy Jackson Jr.’s siblings, Jaafar, has been confirmed to portray his well-known uncle Michael Jackson in a biopic. He will fill the late singer’s legendary shoes when he features in Lionsgate’s upcoming biopic titled Michael. The film is produced by Graham King and directed by Antoine Fuqua.

In addition, Jaafar is also a singer, and he began singing and dancing at 12. He has sung both original songs and has made tributes to well-known musicians like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. The 26-year-old dropped his debut single, Got Me Singing, in 2019.

In addition, Jaafar Jackson reportedly bought a stun gun at 13, which sparked controversy inside the Jackson household. According to ABC News, after buying the device online, he was even suspected of using a shock gun on his cousin, Prince Michael Jackson II (nicknamed Blanket) and Prince Michael Jackson.

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Other Jackson Siblings Live A Private Life

The remaining Jackson siblings are less recognized than their other family members. Nevertheless, they must all be enjoying comfortable lives. For all we know, Autumn is married to producer Narinder Singh, and Jourdynn is married to Marike Le Roux.


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All in all, Jermaine Jackson’s son must have a close relationship with his sisters and brothers. The Jackson family has developed into amazing grownups and are now parents to their children. In summary, we hope they have a better future and that all of Jermaine Jackson Jr.’s siblings carry on the family legacy.

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