Vikings Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter Is All Grown Up

Vikings Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter Is All Grown Up

Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter. Image Credit: Social Media.

Fans of the Viking series love and adore Jessalyn Gilsig‘s character, Siggy Haraldson. She once again stole the limelight for her performance as Beverly Strafford in the Yellowstone‘s prequel 1923.

Behind the screen, Gilsig perfectly balances her personal life. In fact, Jessalyn Gilsig daughter, who is now all grown up, wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps. But, is she ready for the glitz of Hollywood?

Beginning and early life of Jessalyn Gilsig

  • Jessalyn Gilsig is a successful Canadian actress best known for her role in Vikings. She has also worked in The Stepfather, Glee, and Nip/Tuck.
  • Jessalyn Gilsig was born in 1971 in Montreal, Quebec, to her parents, Clare Gilsig and Toby Gilsig.
  • Jessalyn’s passion for acting began when she was a teenager, and she started her career at the young age of 12.
  • Gilsig studied and graduated from McGill University in 1993. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
  • Later in Jessalyn’s life, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, and she started working as a voice actor for Mascarade in 1984.
  • Gilsig is of German ancestry, and she can speak fluent French. She appeared with actors like Aminah Nieves, Leenah Robinson, and Julia Schlaepfer in the Western drama 1923.

The love story of Gilsig and Robert

The start of a love story Gilsig’s love story with her husband, Robert Salomon, is a sweet one. The couple met in 1995.

Gilsig originally met Bobby in high school, when Bobby was the football team’s quarterback. They briefly dated during this time and started seeing each other in 2002.

Gilsig said that the reason she fell for Robert was because she thought he was a cool guy.

After dating for many years, they married on January 1, 2005. Since Robert is of Jewish descent, they both had a traditional Jewish wedding.

Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter
Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter. Image Credit: Social Media.

Robert Salomon is a producer who has publicly spoken about how much he loves and adores Gilsig’s work and passion for acting.

The couple later had their first child together, Penelope Salomon. Jessalyn and Robert were known for their loving and fun love life.

Although their love story was terrific, Gilsig decided to split with her husband in 2009.

Gilsig later filed for divorce in 2011 and said that the reason for her divorce was due to “irreconcilable differences.”

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Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter

Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter, Penelope Salomon, was born on September 26, 2006, in Montreal, Quebec.

Although the details of Jessalyn Gilsig’s Daughter are private, it’s clear that she inherited her mother’s beauty. Penelope can occasionally be seen attending the red carpet with her parents.

Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter
Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter. Image Credit: Social Media.

Gilsigs also used to love sharing pictures of her daughter on social media, especially her Instagram.

There is no word on whether Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter has passion like her mother and whether she will choose acting as her career.

If Penelope does choose to pursue her career in acting, she will have support and love from successful actress Gilsig and renowned producer Robert.

Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter
Jessalyn Gilsig Daughter. Image Credit: Social Media.

For now, fans will have to enjoy Gilsig’s captivating performance as Siggy in Vikings. All of us can hope that Penelope might one day grace us with her presence on screen.


Who is Jessalyn Gilsig married to?

Jessalyn Gilsig was married to Robert Salomon from 2005 to 2010.

Who is the Lord’s wife in Vikings?

Siggy is Earl Haraldson’s wife in the Viking series. She is also Earl Haraldson’s advisor.

Who is Tami Taylor’s sister?

Shelley Hayes is Tami Taylor’s sister, who was played by Jessalyn Gilsig. Gilsig appears in the series from the second season of the Friday Night Lights television series.

Who played Gina in Nip Tuck?

Jessalyn Gilsig played Gina Russo in Nip/Tuck.

Is Jessalyn Gilsig in 1923?

Jessalyn Gilsig played the role of Beverly Strafford, Elizabeth’s mother.

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