5 Intriguing Facts About Former President Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Josh Carter

Jimmy Carter is a well-known name in politics. James Earl Carter Jr. was the 39th president of the United States from 1977 to 1981. But how well do you know about his family?

Jimmy, currently 98 years old, is now 3 months into hospice. Continue reading as we delve into the life of Jimmy Carter’s grandson, Josh Carter, and what he has been up to.

5. Host of a Podcast, ‘Unchanging Principles’

Josh Carter’s podcast, Unchanging Principles, which he started in 2020, has since released 10 episodes.

The podcast sheds light on his bond with his grandparents, who continue to stay at their residence in Plains, where they lived before taking politics as their career choice.

There’s an interesting backstory behind the phrase “Unchanging Principles.” To those of you who don’t know, the inspiration behind it came from Miss Julia Coleman, Josh’s high school teacher.

Hence, the podcast was named Unchanging Principles.

In his podcast, Josh shares insights about growing up as the grandson of President Jimmy Carter, highlighting the valuable lessons he learned from them.

Furthermore, Jimmy Carter’s grandkid emphasizes how his family’s beliefs and values shaped his perspective toward America.

In today’s constantly shifting world, Josh discusses safeguarding significant American ideologies such as democracy and equity.

Carter also discusses about an unwavering commitment to human rights that have been an integral part of the country’s legacy for a long.

4. Josh Carter Shares His Love for Woodcarving With His Grandad

Jimmy Carter’s grandchild is grateful for him, who has always been a hardworking man, adept at using his hands.

Despite working in government temporarily, Josh Carter’s granddad returned to farming as that was where his passion lies, being amidst nature and creating things with handiwork.

Josh shares a loving and close relationship with his grandpa and one thing they truly bonded over was woodworking.

Interestingly enough, amongst all Jimmy Carter’s grandchildren, Josh remained the only one passionate about woodcarving, just like his grandpa.

During his childhood, Josh recalls that Carter Center, which his grandparents established, used to organize an annual fundraising event in February involving a ski trip.

As part of this occasion each year, former President Jimmy Carter would auction off a handmade furniture item.

Being passionate about woodworking made every piece Jimmy created for these auctions hold special meaning to the grandson.

Hence, Josh has continued to lend out his aid in their creation process over time.

3. Jimmy Carter’s Grandson, Josh Carter, is Working to Eradicate Guinea Worm

In 1986, when the Carter Center launched the Guinea worm program, there were approximately three and a half million cases.

However, as reported in 2021, only fifteen cases were found. As of 2022, only a handful of cases remain, most of them being detected in Chad, along with some from South Sudan.

Jimmy Carter’s grandchild states that his goal to eliminate this devastating disease is within grasp, and his grandfather has wished every birthday since turning 90 that he may live long enough to see the eradication occur.

It is Josh Carter’s grandfather’s greatest accomplishment, overshadowing even accolades like receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and working at The White House. One might wonder why.

Well, it’s because removing such a biblical disease remains his lifelong dedication and mission statement toward promoting human welfare worldwide.

Josh Carter is just a few steps from realizing his grandfather’s lifelong dream.

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2. Josh Carter is a Family Man

Joshua Jeffrey Carter, lovingly called Josh, happens to be the fourth grandchild of former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Josh also is a small business owner that he runs himself.

Jimmy Carter’s grandkid initiated an absorbing podcast named Unchanging Principles, where he deliberated on various subjects associated with American ideologies instilled in him by his grandparents.

Today, Josh lives happily with his wife, Sarah Carter, with their two boys, Charlie Carter and Jonathan Carter, in Atlanta, along with one adorable addition to the family: their pet dog, Copper.

Jimmy Carter's Grandson Josh Carter
Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Josh Carter. Image Source: Facebook.

In addition to being passionate about entrepreneurship and podcasting, Josh also enjoys woodworking, a hobby taught to him by his grandfather.

Josh Carter’s granddad taught him how traditional techniques can create works of art that are both functional and beautiful.

Similarly, you might like to read about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Wife, Cheryl Hines.

1. His Son is Suffering From a Rare Disease

On his podcast’s third installment, Josh Carter disclosed that his son Jonathan had been admitted to the hospital.

The host’s youngest child is currently grappling with Very Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease, one of the rarest diseases a person can have at such an early age.

Most kids don’t get diagnosed with VEO-IBD until they’re six years old; however, Jonathan experienced bloody diapers when he was just 15 weeks old.

Josh talked about how staggering it is for their family to provide support because there isn’t much medical research on treatment options yet, and what exists depends mostly on educated guesswork.

Likewise, administering some medications comes with high price tags, even exceeding $12k per dose in some instances.

Josh hopes despite all these challenges faced by Johnathan and himself, especially financially, his son will make it through.

To this end, Josh Carter’s family has not lost hope but remains hopeful, though downright realistic, considering over last year alone, Jonathan’s medical expenses were upwards of $186,000.

Moreover, Josh expects the expenses could be higher in 2023, given similar past trends.

Josh shares his story not to receive sympathy or contributions but to shed light on families like his that face overwhelming challenges due to a daunting medical diagnosis and financial burden.

Jimmy Carter’s grandson Josh Carter, wants to continue the legacy his grandfather built and aspires to bring attention among his fellow Americans and reform the US healthcare system.

Published On: June 12, 2023

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