Julia Sweeney’s Dating History – Who Did The Actress End Up With?

Julia Sweeney’s Dating History – Who Did The Actress End Up With?

Talking about Julia Sweeney's dating life, she is happily married. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

When we are happy, we laugh and cry when we are in pain. But how courageous are those hearts that laugh and makes others laugh through the pain? Julia Sweeney is one such personality with a natural ability to create comedy even in life’s most difficult moments. The benevolent, sweet-faced Julia Sweeney’s dating history is a topic of curiosity as well.

So if you are curious about the comedian’s love life, stick with us until the end. In this article, we dive into the dating history of the comedian and how she found the man of her dreams, her children, and the back story of her love life.

How Sweeney Met Her Husband?

Julia Sweeney’s dating life is quite simple. At 30, during her days at the improv group The Groundlings, Julia met her ex-husband Stephen Hibbert. He is a writer and actor known for Pulp Fiction and The Cat in the Hat. The former duo fell in love and got married in 1989 but unfortunately, within five years of their marriage, in 1994, the ex-couple called it quits for reasons that are still unknown.

After the divorce, Julia Sweeney’s brother got diagnosed with cancer, followed by her cancer. The comedian persisted through grit and humor during those challenging times. After 14 years of being separated from Hibbert, Julia’s fate connected her with Michael Blum, who is the biophysicist.

Their story is quite interesting as Julia met her now-husband through her brother-in-law, who wrote a fan letter to Julia mentioning how perfect she would be for Michael. Interestingly enough, the duo is now happily married since 2008 and is still going strong. Seems like the love keeps getting stronger with time when you find the right one.

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Tough Years Of Sweeney’s Life

In 1989, Sweeney got discovered by Saturday Night Live (SNL) producer Lorne Michaels who offered her a spot as one of Saturday Night Live’s featured players. Sweeney instantly said yes to such an opportunity and worked for SNL through four seasons from 1990 to 1994. Everything was going well in Julia’s life, but tragedies followed her one by one.

After leaving SNL, Sweeney divorced Stephen and moved to her bungalow in LA. She was alone in her home but not for long. Soon after that, she was accompanied by her brother Michael Ivers Sweeney who was diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer. She took on the full-time responsibility of caring for her brother.

As everything wasn’t already enough, Julia was struck by another tragedy two weeks before her brother’s death. At the age of 31, Sweeney was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which was Sympathy Cancer, in her brother’s words. Talk about the Sweeney family’s humor even at the hardest of times. But it is the way of life, isn’t it? Why cry about something we can’t change instead of finding a way to laugh about it?

The Saturday Night Live alum turned her pain into a melodrama with her longtime friend Quentin Tarantino as executive producer and made a movie named “God said, Ha!”

Julia Sweeney profession
Julia Sweeney released “God Said Ha!” in February 2011. Photo Source: Flickr

Sweeney is currently cancer-free and is living an inspiring and joyous life. She is often seen giving TED talks, making people smile, and inspiring them through stories of her hardships. Additionally, Julia Sweeney’s dating life also seems to be going great.

Unconventional Path To Motherhood

Julie couldn’t have biological kids by herself due to her cancer. Initially, she didn’t want to have any kids, but once she couldn’t, she wanted to have kids desperately. So she opted for the best option available, adoption. She adopted her daughter Mulan Sweeney from a Chinese Orphanage.

It wasn’t Julia who named her daughter Mulan, so she changed it to Tara Mulan, but due to her daughter’s preference for being called Mulan, she stuck to that name. Julia Sweeney’s daughter graduated with an engineering degree in 2022.

Julia’s easygoing personality is one of her greatest traits, and she wears her honesty on her sleeve. For the Sweeney family, humor is an inherited gift and will always be part of the conversations. We wish the comedian gets as much happiness in return as she has spread worldwide over the years. Nevertheless, we hope Julia Sweeney’s dating life gets as successful as her professional career.

Published On: January 22, 2023

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