Uncovering the Truth Behind Kellyn Acosta’s Ethnicity and Parents

Uncovering the Truth Behind Kellyn Acosta’s Ethnicity and Parents

Kellyn Acosta's ethnicity might shock you, so keep reading. Image Source: Kellyn Acosta Instagram.

Currently playing as a midfielder for Major League Soccer side Los Angeles FC, Kellyn Acosta might not be a new name in soccer. This journey to be where he is now might not have been easy for him. His playing skills have gotten many fans curious about his details.

So, if you are one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss Kellyn Acosta’s ethnicity and parents. They have been his constant support from day one. So, keep reading until the end to learn more about his background.

Has Japanese Background

The soccer player was born Kellyn Kai Perry-Acosta in Plano, Texas, on July 24, 1995. He is the only child of his parents, Kenneth C. Acosta and Kanikah Perry-Acosta. Talking about Kellyn Acosta’s ethnicity, did you know the player has a Japanese background? People are often in disbelief of this fact, and here’s why.

Kellyn Acosta’s dad was born in Japan and lived there until he was 7. His old man, whose first language is Japanese, moved to the states after he was seven and became a part of the ESL.

While his dad is half-Japanese, Kelly’s grandmother is full-Japanese. In order to learn more about his culture and the history of Japanese immigrants, the soccer player visited the Japanese American National Museum with them. Furthermore, Acosta revealed that he found it emotional, eye-opening, and rewarding to learn about his family’s experiences for the first time.

Acosta added that sharing those moments with them was really special, and he learned a lot which was super powerful. While his background was different since he was born and raised in the states, he still acknowledged his Japanese ties. Also, he is the first Japanese-American soccer player to play for the USMNT.

Kellyn Acosta’s Ethnicity is Multi-Colored

As mentioned earlier, the American soccer player’s dad is Japanese. The athlete grew up in a multi-ethnic household, as Kellyn Acosta’s mom is African-American. Unfortunately, his parents have already divorced.

Most people think he is Mexican, Spanish, or Colombian. But as mentioned earlier, Acosta is a Japanese-American, and many find it hard to believe. Some even guess him to be adopted. No matter what people say, he now embraces his identity. As a result, he wrote a blog post for The Players Tribune for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

All thanks to Kellyn’s multi-ethnic background, he has learned and accepted other cultures throughout his life. In addition, Kellyn Acosta’s ethnicity of multiple roots has helped him relate to all the people of different groups.

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Tried To Hide His Asian Roots

Kellyn grew up in Plano, Texas, a then-white-dominated city. So it must have been difficult for the athlete, who is Asian and Black. He revealed that he felt like an outcast and did not want to draw attention to his Asian roots, which he embraces now.

Kellyn Acosta's ethnicity
Kellyn Acosta, who tried hiding his Japanese roots as a child, now embraces it. Image Source: Kellyn Acosta Instagram.

After Kellyn Acosta’s parents divorced, he spent much time with his grandmother, whom he lovingly called Mimi. When his dad and mom worked late, she would pick him up from the after-school program. People often wondered if she was his nanny since he was a Black kid and she was an Asian lady.

When Acosta said she was his grandmom, people often commented about him being adopted. As a result, he tried to hide her away. He was not embarrassed but wanted to blend in, avoiding bullying or confused stares, so he would ask her to park around the corner while picking him up.

Now, Kellyn Acosta’s ethnicity has helped him gain a name. For instance, he became the first Japanese-American player to play for the USMNT in the FIFA World Cup. He continues to share his story to influence younger generations.

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More About Kellyn Acosta’s Parents

As mentioned earlier, Kellyn is the only child of Kenneth and Kanikah, who have already divorced. When they separated, he was a small kid, and now both have already moved on. Also, even after divorcing one another, Kellyn Acosta’s parents seem to have a good relationship with each other.

Kellyn Acosta’s dad tied the knot with Susy Villa Acosta. They welcomed three children together. In addition, Kenneth is a doting stepfather to Gabrielle Jackson, his wife’s daughter from her previous marriage. The soccer player is close with all his half-siblings and step-sister.

On the other hand, it is not revealed if Kellyn Acosta’s mom tied the knot. Nevertheless, the soccer player must be doing well. We hope he has a successful career ahead. Also, we look forward to knowing more about his personal details.

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