How Did KNC Beauty’s Owner Kristen Noel Crawley Make Gen Z Love Her Products? Who Is It For?

How Did KNC Beauty’s Owner Kristen Noel Crawley Make Gen Z Love Her Products? Who Is It For?

KNC Beauty's owner Kristen Noel Crawley. Photo Source: Instagram.

With the aim to support people from all walks of life in their quest for better skin care, KNC Beauty‘s owner Kristen Noel Crawley founded the brand.

The former editor for ELLE launched KNC Beauty in 2016, which is most popular among Gen-Z. Let’s get familiar with the black-owned beauty line.

Introduction of the Owner, Kristen Noel Crawley

  • Kristen Noel Crawley is married and a mother of three.
  • Crawley launched the brand with a lip mask infused with collagen.
  • KNC Beauty is short for her name.
  • The inspiration behind the creation of KNC Beauty came from her trip to Tokyo.

How KNC Beauty Was Born?

Inspiration can be found anywhere. KNC Beauty’s owner Kristen found her inspiration on her beauty trip to Tokyo.

In Tokyo, Crawley was exploring a beauty aisle of a local department store when she discovered something she felt was lacking in the States. i.e., Lip Masks.

According to Kristen, lips are the most neglected part of the face, and hence became obsessed with lip masks.

Upon research and trying various products, Crawley realized most lip masks we use were full of harsh chemicals and did not taste good either.

Kristen decided to launch her own brand with her first product, an all-natural collagen-infused lip mask, which is the first of its kind.

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Gen-Z’s Craze For KNC Products

When starting any business, one should have a targeted audience in their mind. It is the basics of doing business.

But did KNC Beauty’s owner Kristen Noel Crawley think her product would be so popular among Gen-Z?

When launching KNC Beauty, Kristen targeted her products for all ages and genders. Her main principle was to produce chic and timeless products for everyone.

However, in today’s context, the brand has become more popular among Gen-Z.

Another popular product from KNC is their retinol-infused eye mask, which is shaped like a shooting star.

One good thing about KNC Beauty is apart from the natural and healthy top-quality ingredients used, they take aesthetics into consideration as well.

Who wouldn’t want to try an eye mask that hydrates, de-puff, and gives the benefits of retinol with a cute- unique shooting star pattern?

KNC Beauty's founder Kristen Noel Crawley
KNC Beauty’s owner Kristen Noel Crawley. Photo Source: Instagram.

In 2021, Kristen Noel Crawley’s KNC Beauty introduced another brand new Leaf Eye Mask. The mask is infused with skin-loving ingredients like cactus extract, vitamin E, etc.

Not just Gen-Z, KNC has now become a loved product for everyone. Celebrities are seen wearing KNC’s lip mask as well as eye cream. The reviews for each of Crawley’s products are amazing.

Learn about another loved beauty brand RockinBeauty‘s CEO and founder Lydia Marcos.

Challenges Faced During Initial Days

Like every brand, KNC Beauty was no exception to challenges during their initial days. During an interview with by L’Oreal, Kristen talked about her challenges.

Kristen didn’t have a lot of experience, to begin with, so while trying to navigate through it, she reminisced about the trails and disappointments.

Despite everything, she believed in her idea and continued pursuing her dream. Crawley suggested young entrepreneurs keep following their dream.

Kristen is one influential figure and uses her reach for a good cause. In direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Kristen launched the KNC School of Beauty, a space where leading Black female entrepreneurs shares their stories of both triumphs and setbacks.

Apart from being a full-time businesswoman, KNC Beauty’s owner is also a wife and a mother of three children.

Kristen has been an inspiration to many, and the success story of KNC Beauty can be considered a motivating story to many young talents wanting to join the beauty industry.

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